NISM Research Analyst Exam (Series XV)

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NISM Series XV NISM Research Analyst Exam (Series XV)

The NISM Series XV of NISM Certifications is the NISM Research Analyst Certification Examination. On March 2, 2015, the exam was launched. It is an entry-level exam for professionals in the field of the equities research analyst. A lot of the NISM Research Analyst exam is about Fundamental Analysis, but very little of it is about Technical Analysis. However, even though equity research analysts work in both the fundamental and technical analysis fields, they still have to pass the exam, as stated in Regulation 7(2) of the SEBI (Research Analysts) Rules, 2014.

Who must give this examination? * preparation or publication of the content of the research report. * providing research report. * making ‘buy/sell/hold recommendation. * giving price target. * offering an opinion concerning the public offer. with respect to securities that are or will be listed on a stock exchange, regardless of whether such person has the title research analyst,' and includes any other entity engaged in the issuance of research reports or conducting research analysis. Explanation: The phrase "related person" also encompasses any person who reports. The RA Regulations do not cover persons performing clerical/marketing functions, back-office help, or support services in connection with the publishing and/or dissemination of a research report. Apart from the aforementioned, this exam is open to any student, businessman, or other individuals interested in transitioning to the Equity Research Analyst profession.

What does the NISM Research Analyst Certification Exam cover? There are a lot of things that the NISM Research Analyst Certification Exam covers: * The fundamentals of Indian securities markets, as well as the various terms used in equity and debt markets * Fundamental research is conducted using both a top-down and bottom-up strategy. * Principles of micro and macroeconomic analysis, as well as the many sources of data for analysis and macroeconomic variables that affect the study. * Sources of information for industry analysis and key industry drivers * Analysis of a Company on both qualitative and quantitative dimensions. * Fundamentals of Risk and Return, Valuation Principles, and Corporate Action Philosophy.

* The feature of a good research report Where can I get the NISM Research Analyst Study material?

Our website offers a free soft copy of the NISM Research Analyst Study Material. You can order a physical copy of the NISM Research Analyst study material online and have it delivered to your home. The books are accessible in major Indian bookstores.

Where can I Search NISM Research Analyst Mock Test?

Our website offers a free Demo NISM Series XV Research Analyst Mock Test for NISM Series XV. The mock test has 25 practice questions and is accessible by logging into our website. Premium NISM Mock Test for NISM Series XV is also available for Rs. 299/- and includes 23 premium quality mock tests with 575 questions. Each NISM practice exam is valid for two months and maybe taken an unlimited number of times throughout the subscription period.

What is the procedure for registering and enrolling for the NISM Research Analyst Exam? All NISM Certification Exams can be enrolled online using the NISM Certification Portal. NISM Certification Portal Registration requires your * Permanent Account Number (PAN) * Scanned copy of your PAN Card * Soft Copy of your photograph * a valid email address and * your basic details such as your . Name . Date of Birth, . Educational Details, . Employment Details, etc. Once the online NISM Registration is submitted, you will be emailed a Registration Number and an activation link. To activate your NISM Account, simply click the activation link. After activation, you can log in. After entering your email and password, proceed as follows:

* Step 1: Exam Selection: Select NISM Series XV: Research Analyst Certification Exam.

* Step 2: Find a Seat: Select the Exam City, Test Center, and Date Range.

* Step 3: Choose a Time Slot: The exam's Test Slots will be displayed to you. Select one and click "Enroll for Exam."

* Step 4: Make a Payment: Please read and accept the terms and conditions before making an online payment using a credit card, debit card, or internet banking account. Your Admit Card will be created once you have paid. You should bring this admit card and your original ID to the exam center 30 minutes before the start time. Only PAN cards, driver's license, passport, and Aadhar cards are accepted as identification.

What is the Exam format for NISM Research Analyst Certification Examination? What is the NISM Series XV – Exam syllabus?  

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