How to Clear NISM Exam  How to Clear NISM Exam in the first attempt

Hundreds of students ask us for guidance on how to clear or pass NISM Certification Examinations. ONEWISHPUBLICATION assists them in their exam preparation through Online mock tests, study material, etc. We thought of sharing these exam suggestions with you all. Here are some useful tips:

How to Pass NISM Exam First Time

 * Select the Right Exam and Study Material The first step to getting ready for any exam is to choose and study for the right exam. As some exams have names that sound similar, be careful and pick the right one. There is a chance that you could get mixed up with different exams with the same name. People often get mixed up between the Mutual Fund Distributors Exam and the RTA – Mutual Fund Exam. They also get mixed up between Depository Operations and Securities Operations & Risk Management. This short guide, on the other hand, could help you choose the right NISM exam. While the majority of us in the Indian Securities Markets think of securities market participants in terms of job roles and designations such as broker, trader, dealer, salesman, accountant, and back-office personnel, SEBI has not mandated NISM Certification Exams based on these job roles or designations. Rather than that, these examinations are mandated based on the duties performed by the individual, such as trading on behalf of clients, direct marketing of mutual funds by a salesperson, and verification of KYC documents by back-office / operations people, among others.

* Read the Workbook from beginning to end Once you know which exam is right for you, you can get study material to help you study for the exam. Study materials for the NISM Certification Exam can be found in the following ways: Soft copies of any study material can be downloaded from the NISM Exam Portal after you register, book a seat for the exam, and pay for the exam fee on the NISM Exam Portal at: https://certificates.nismaol.in/nismaol.   Hard copies are available for purchase on the other websites. Hard copy study materials are sent directly to your doorstep. All NISM Certification Exam study materials consist of a 100-200 page booklet. To pass the exam, you must read the book from cover to cover at least once. Normally, 2-3 hours per day of study time is required to finish the workbook. If you don't grasp an idea, look it up in a book or on the internet. It's perilous to take an exam when you don't understand most of the topics, as most questions are conceptual. Each exam is comprised of multiple-choice questions with a single correct response. Certain tests also include numerical problems for which calculators and excel sheets are permitted. Because the majority of tests carry negative scores, you should study really hard. After completing the workbook, you can take a few practice examinations to determine your level of preparation. If you pass the mock exams available on onewishpublication, you should have a good chance of passing the final exam.

* Online Registration for NISM Certifications You must first register and activate your login on the NISM Certification Portal (https://certifications.nism.ac.in/nismaol). If you don't know how to use a computer, you can ask a friend or coworker to register you. You will need the following information during registration: 1. Permanent Account Number (PAN) and a scanned copy of the PAN Card, 2. passport-sized color photograph in soft form 3. Personal Information 4. Address details 5. Details on your education 6. Information about your job 7. Contact Number Please fill out the online registration form completely and accurately. After registering, choose your preferred Test Centre, a day and time period that is available at the Test Centre, and book your seat online using a credit card, debit card, or net banking account.

* Take Onewishpublication Mocks (Practice Exams) If you're not sure which study resources or practice exams to use for NISM Certification preparation, Onewishpublication is the place to go. Trainer designed the Onewishpublication practice material which includes MCQ question papers with explanations. As a result, the right strategies combined with optimal practice will enable you to easily pass the NISM exam.

* Organizing your time Examine the syllabus and create a study plan based on it. Remember that the module is large, so know your strengths and weaknesses so that you can perform very well even on your first attempt. To get a good handle on your preparations, take a NISM mock test, which will give you a clear sense of the types of questions that will be asked on the exam.

* On Exam Day Along with the Admit Card, bring your PAN card or any other required identification card. Bring a photocopy of your identity verification with you as well. You will not be allowed to take the exam if your photograph is not clear and legible on both your admit card and your identity card. After completing all exam-related formalities, proceed to the exam hall. The invigilator will walk you through the process of starting the exam on the computer that has been assigned to you. Questions will be asked one at a time, and answers will begin as they are presented. If your exam has negative marking, you should avoid marking answers that you are unsure about. To increase your chances of passing the exam, you should attempt at least 80 questions. If your exam does not have negative marking, you must attempt all of the questions in the question set. The result is available immediately after you submit the exam. After that, you can collect your mark sheet and leave the Test Centre.