NISM Series II B: Registrars and Transfer Agents - Mutual Fund Certification Exam

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NISM Series II B   NISM Series II B: Registrars and Transfer Agents - Mutual Fund Certification Exam

This exam aims to establish a standard of knowledge for those who operate in the mutual fund R&T function for Registrars to an Issue and Share Transfer Agents (R&T agent) organizations. This will allow for better customer service, operational efficiency, and risk controls. Multiple choice questions and answers are used in all of the exams. They are taken at different NISM centers, and they are all done online. The exam lasts 120 minutes, and each question has a score of 100 points. 50% of the marks are passing marks.

Examination Objectives: On the other hand, if the candidate passes the exam, they should: * Understand the fundamentals of securities and the securities markets *  Gain a basic understanding of the RTAs' role and functions in the mutual fund issuance and transaction process. *  Gain an understanding of the regulatory landscape in which RTAs operate in India. Exam Format and Details What is the procedure for registering for the NISM-Series-II-B: RTA - Mutual Funds Certification Examination?

For registration, you can click on Candidates can choose a test center, date, and time slot on the Test Administrator website after successfully registering. Candidates must adhere to additional instructions found on the Test Administrator's websites

. Is there any preparation material for this exam? People who sign up for the exam get a soft copy of the workbook and other study materials after they do so. How can I get NISM RTA – Mutual Funds Certification Exam sample questions?

Click here - to start a free mock test.   Examination Syllabus The syllabus for the NISM Certification Exam varies depending on which NISM exam people take. The syllabus for the NISM Series-II B Registrar & Share Transfer Agents-Mutual Fund Certification Exam can be found here.

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