Q1.A trader is long in USDINR put option of the strike price of 52. The current spot price of USDINR is 52. What is the moneyness of this option?
 In the Money
 Out of the Money
 At the Money
 None of the Above
Q2.If the figures published in the USA for Non-Farm Payrolls are quite lower this will result in ____.
 Volatility in USD currency prices
 Depreciation of USD against other major currencies
 Appreciation of USD against other major currencies
 No effect
Q3.The system of accounting which is used to calculate prices of currency futures contracts when multiple contracts of a series are combined/squared up is ____.
The lowest price contract is squared off first
Profit-making contracts are squared off first.
Q4.What is the frequency of adjusting the liquid net worth of clearing members with the initial margin?
 Every day at 11.30 AM and then at 3.30 PM
 Every one hour
On a Real-time basis
 Every day at 3 PM
Q5.Which of these statements correctly describes the relationship between limit price and trigger price for a stop loss BUY order?
 Trigger price is equal to limit price
Trigger price is less than the limit price
Trigger price is more than the limit price
 No relationship
Q6.With respect to Settlement of OTC forward contract - which of the following is true?
It is always delivered based
on the market participant can decide to settle it via gross settlement mechanism or net settlement mechanism.
It is by exchanging the difference in the value of the currency
 None of the above
Q7.A trader buys 20 lots of USDINR at 54.50 and sells 6 lots the same day at 54.60. The settlement price for the day was 54.40. What would be his mark to the market margin?
Q8.If everything else remaining the same, any policy matters which may give a boost to an inflow of foreign capital in India may result in what kind of movement of INR against JPY?
 No change
 INR appreciating against JPY
 INR depreciating against JPY
Q9.Which style of options are only traded on Indian exchanges?
 American options
 Japanese option
 European options
 Swiss options
Q10.Mr. Manoj buys 100 lots of USDINR futures at Rs 53 and after three months he sells them at Rs 53.40. The margin payable was 8%. What is his annualized profit/loss in % terms?
 30.50 %
 27.90 %
 37.73 %
 32.74 %

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