Insurance for CNG vehicles in India

These are the days when Indians' purses are burning due to increased petrol and diesel prices. CNG-powered vehicles are a lifesaver during these times. Let's take a look at CNG automobiles, particularly those sold in India, as well as other CNG vehicles offered by automobile manufacturers.

Here is a list of the Top CNG Cars in India -

. The Maruti Wagon R is a popular CNG hatchback in India. . Maruti Celerio. One of the best CNG cars in India 2019, the Celerio is an affordable, hatchback, available in 6 variants in the market. . Hyundai Santro . Maruti Alto 800. . Hyundai Grand i10 Nios.

How to add CNG to car insurance?

As gas costs rise and people grow more environmentally conscious, more people are opting for alternative-fuel vehicles. A automobile that runs on compressed natural gas (CNG) is a fantastic choice because it is less polluting and provides superior fuel efficiency. Whether you own a CNG vehicle or plan to install one, you must include the CNG kit in your policy to comply with legal requirements and to protect yourself financially in the event of an accident. Most automobile manufacturers in India are now producing CNG-powered cars in an effort to lessen reliance on fuel or diesel and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. A CNG-kit can also be installed in a petrol-powered vehicle. In any event, you must insure the car and, more significantly, notify your insurer (in this case, ACKO) of the CNG kit's inclusion.

CNG automobile insurance for brand new vehicles - ACKO provides low-cost insurance for brand-new automobiles. If you have recently purchased a brand new CNG vehicle, you can contact us to insure it by calling 1800 266 2256 or writing to hello@acko.com. You can also visit our website or download our mobile app, provide your contact and vehicle information, and our support team will contact you with a CNG auto insurance quote. Car insurance for old cars (CNG) - ACKO has low-cost insurance for all types of cars. With a direct-to-customer model and 100% digital transactions, we can come up with cheap insurance plans for old CNG cars. If your car has a CNG or LPG kit, you can call or write us. You can also insure your old CNG car with ACKO if you follow the steps above. This is what we will do for you when it comes to insuring your CNG car at a good price.

What are the benefits of CNG? CNG cars have recently gained popularity for various reasons. The benefits of a CNG automobile. * In comparison to gasoline or diesel vehicles, it is more fuel efficient. * Environmentally friendly due to its extremely minimal carbon emissions. * Because CNG is one of the cleanest types of fuel, the car's engine will be able to use it. * Keep in mind that this is a lot cheaper to keep up with than a normal car that runs on petrol or diesel. * Stronger CNG fuel tanks reduce the risk of unintentional leakage. * Greener and cheaper than fuel or diesel.

Why should you insure your CNG vehicle with ACKO? An insurance company called ACKO is a licenced digital general insurance company that sells products and services through an online platform. If you drive a CNG car, you should get ACKO car insurance. * Incredibly low premiums - We can insure your CNG car immediately. There are no middlemen, hence no commissions. Your low-cost insurance plans reflect the savings. * Super easy claims - We offer paperless claims and will pick up and drop off your car, repair it, and return it to you in three working days. So relax and take it easy while we have your car fixed. * Discounts and offers - During specific festivals or occasions, we may provide individualised discounts. When you insure your CNG vehicle with ACKO, you save money.

Calculator for CNG car insurance premiums - A CNG car insurance premium calculator is a great way to learn how the premium is calculated or set. The calculator can also help you find the best insurance plan for your car. Most of all, the tool saves you time by giving you an idea of how much insurance costs and what it covers right away so that you can make the right choice. If you have a CNG car, you need to enter some information about it, like the model, the year it was made, the fuel type, where it is, and so on, and the tool will automatically figure out how much it costs to insure it.

Is it possible to insure my CNG vehicle online? Do you know that you can get your CNG car insurance online? When you buy insurance from companies like ACKO, you can do everything online. When you buy insurance with ACKO, you don't have to fill out any paperwork. To get insurance for your car right away, just give us a few details about your car and your previous insurance policy, if you have one.