10 Major Advantages of NISM Certifications

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Advantages of NISM Certifications  10 Major Advantages of NISM Certifications A NISM Certificate is a basic level of certification in the capital markets. This should not be interpreted as implying that they are simple to obtain. Every NISM Examination necessitates the in-depth study of the subject as well as mock test practice in order to pass the exam on the first try.

NISM Certification Advantages / Uses: The following are a few advantages of the NISM Certificate that I discovered while working in the securities markets:

1. To Meet Regulatory Requirements: NISM Certifications are required before you may work in the capital markets (as mandated by SEBI). The SEBI Certification of Associated Persons in Securities Market (CAPSM) Regulations, 2007, provide the mandate. Every individual/professional must complete NISM certification before being hired, according to this regulation. For example, before operating a derivatives terminal, a derivatives market dealer must pass the NISM Series VIII: Equity Derivatives Certification exam.

2. Enhances product and process knowledge: All NISM Certifications include NISM Workbooks, which are the official study materials for preparing for the exam. With thorough illustrations and examples, the study material gives detailed product knowledge, process information, laws, and regulations. A professional operating in a certain area of a business, such as compliance or a dealer or salesperson, typically lacks the expertise in other responsibilities. As a result, NISM Certifications assist professionals in bridging knowledge gaps.

3. Assists in Job Searching in the Capital Market: NISM Certifications are available to students of finance, management, economics, and marketing, in addition to industry professionals. This allows them to broaden their topic knowledge while also better preparing them to enter the industry.

4.Good Value Addition on Resume: These certifications significantly boost the value of your resume. In most cases, these certifications are viewed as a guarantee to the employer that the employee has the necessary knowledge for the position. These credentials can also be used as a stepping stone to international certifications such as CFA, CFP, and others.

5. National Recognition: NISM Certifications are recognized by all securities market intermediaries, including banks, brokerage firms, asset management firms, investment banks, RTAs, and others. Most essential, the regulator stands behind these qualifications (SEBI).

6. Reliable Information Source: The information provided through NISM Certifications is completely reliable, unbiased, and up to date. When I'm stuck on a topic, I usually use the NISM Workbook, which serves as a dictionary of capital market information.

7. Low Fees: These certificates have relatively low fees. The majority of certifications are available for a cost of Rs. 1500/-. (as of April 2018). As a result, they are the most affordable certificates in the financial industry.

8. Easy Access to NISM Mock Tests: The availability of both free and paid mock tests makes passing these exams relatively simple. NISM One Wish Publication offers a variety of practice tests, questions, and answers.

9. Free NISM Study Material Download: While NISM only provides its workbooks after paying the exam fees, NISM One Wish Publication has a collection like a Soft Copy Of Mock test  that can be downloaded for online.

10. Partnership with NISM: While the benefits listed above are for individuals, NISM Certifications are also beneficial for colleges and educational institutions that can partner with NISM to increase the value of their brand. The partnership program's specifics can be found on the NISM website. Thanks for reading about NISM Certifications. For more information on NISM Certifications, please visit www.nism.iexamworld.com   

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