SBI PO Exam – Solved Model Question Paper 6

26. Beiji oil refinery located in

Answer : Iraq

27. C.Rangarajan estimation percentage of poverty line

Answer : 29.5%

28. Camel is the official animal of which state

Answer : Rajasthan

29. Capro Group has won the International Business of the year award is owned by

Answer : Lord Swaraj Paul

30. Casual Vacancy written by

Answer : J K Rowling

31. CBS full form

Answer : Core Baking Solution

32. Chemical and fertilizer cabinet minister

Answer : Ananth Kumar

33. Chinese Currency

Answer : Yuan

34. Commercial Paper is issued for how many days

Answer : A minimum of 7 days and a maximum of up to one year from the date of issue

35. Commercial Papers issued in what multiples

Answer : Rs. 5 lakh or multiples thereof

36. Committee on Cauvery water dispute

Answer : B. S. Chauhan

37. One currency question like that UK

39. Next FIFA world Cup Host country

Answer : Russia

40. Capital of Indonesia

41. Hard money

42. Reverse REPO rate

43. Home minister of India

44. International Woman?s Day

45. MB Shah Committee related about ?? IPL Spot fixing

46. Rupee sign

47. WHO head

48. Who is 14th number of PM

49. UNESCO Headquarter

50. Women Hockey World Cup winner country