NISM Series II B – Registrar and Transfer Agents (MF) Certification Paper 18

Q 1. The Cut off time for Liquid Fund redemption is __.
 1.30 PM
 2.00 PM
 3.00 PM
 1.00 PM


Q2.The investment made by investors is held in the investment account – State True or False?


Q 3. The Investor Education and Protection Fund is mainly funded by ___.
 Stock Exchanges
 Unclaimed amount with issuers


Q4.The SoA has to be sent to the investor immediately after each installment of SIP is invested – State True or False?


Q5.What are the funds called which invest only in Government Securities?
 Government Investment Funds
 Money Market Funds
 Gilt Funds
High-Value Income Funds


Q6.What is an ‘ at par cheque ‘?
 Its a cheque from private banks
It’s a high-value cheque
It’s an outstation cheque
It’s a local cheque


Q7.What is the core function of an AMC?
 Appointing MF agents and marketing
 Customer service
 Fund Management


Q 8. When an investor makes an investment by a demand draft, the mutual fund bears the charges incurred to buy the DD and treats the gross amount as the ___.
 redemption amount
 amount invested.


Q9.Which NAV will be applicable for liquid funds if clear funds are available and the funds can be deployed the same day?
 NAV of day T
 NAV of day T + 1
 NAV of day T – 1
 NAV of day T +3


Q10.Which of these facilities is NOT available to the Preference Shareholders?
 Participation in the management of the company
Preference in receiving dividends over equity shareholders
 Preference in repayment of capital
Fixed-rate of dividend as mentioned during the issue of these shares

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