NISM Series II B – Registrar and Transfer Agents (MF) Certification Paper 12

Q1.Can an investor in a mutual fund request for a change of name under which he or she has invested?
 Sectoral Funds
 Commodity Funds


Q2.The formula for calculating Dividend Yield is Dividend Per Share divided by the Current market price – State True or False?


Q3.The full form of STT is ___.
 Speculation Transaction Tax
 Securities Transaction Tax
 Debenture holders
Preference shareholders


Q4.NAV of Day T includes portfolio value of Day _ and unit capital of day __.
 T, T+1
 T, T-1
by the first and second holder
 by all unit holders as per the mode of holding


Q 5.KYC once completed, is valid across all mutual funds and all the other SEBI-registered intermediaries – State True or False?
 Default Risk
 Credit Risk


Q6.A Mutual fund can request additional information for processing change of bank details in the form of all of the following except –
 IFSC code
 AMC attestation
 for Verification
 for Certification


Q 7.In a mutual fund, the ____ is the person who is holding the folio.
 On the Inception date
 On the collection completion date


Q8.Who appoints the AMC of a Mutual Fund?
 The Trustees
 The Sponsors


Q9.Does exit load have the effect of increasing the redemption price for the investor – True or False?
 pay lower interest rates
 pay higher interest rates


Q10.Do most closed-ended funds run for a year only – State True or False?
 Finance Ministry

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