In 1998, the National Stock exchange introduces the NSE’s Certification in Finance Markets(NCFM). In India the role of financial intermediaries is very significant thus NSE introduced an online testing platform that provides certificates to the candidates, it tend to help the aspirants who are working with the intermediaries acquire the knowledge and skills, so that they can offer a better quality of services to the society.

This exam is based on the multiple-choice question and there are 60 questions weighing 100 marks. There is also negative marketing, thus students should carefully mark the right answers and the wrong answers should be held minimum. Minimum passing marks is ranging between 50-60% depending on the module of the exam.

There are three modules:

  1. Beginner
  2. Intermediate
  3. Advanced

Beginner module consists of:

  1. Financial market
  2. Mutual funds
  3. Currency derivatives
  4. Interest rate derivatives
  5. Commercial banking in India
  6. FIMMDA- NSE debt market
  7. Securities market basic module
  8. Clearing settlement and risk management
  9. Banking fundamentals
  10. Capital market fundamentals

Intermediate module:

  1. Capital markets dealer module
  2. Derivatives market dealers module
  3. Investment analysis and portfolio management
  4. Fundamental analysis module
  5. Options trading strategies module
  6. Operations risks management module
  7. Banking sector module
  8. Treasury management module
  9. Insurance module
  10. Macroeconomics for financial markets
  11. NSDL- depository
  12. Commodities market
  13. Surveillance in stock exchange
  14. Technical analysis
  15. Mergers and acquisitions
  16. Back office operation
  17. Wealth management
  18. Project finance
  19. Venture capital and private equity
  20. Financial service foundation
  21. NSE certified quality analyst

Advanced Modules

  1. Information security services professionals
  2. Algorithms trading
  3. Financial markets
  4. Securities market
  5. Derivatives
  6. Mutual funds
  7. Options trading
  8. Examination of the financial planning standards board
  9. Equity research with financial modeling
  10. Issue management
  11. Market risk

Job Opportunities:

After clearing this exam person gets an ample amount of job opportunities for them, some of them are:

  1. Stock analysts
  2. Portfolio managers
  3. Employees of stock-brokers
  4. Employees of the treasury
  5. Financial institutions

Other professionals can also give this exam for taking a further step in their careers.

Eligibility criteria:

There is no eligibility criteria for this exam anyone can give this exam if someone has no prior knowledge or experience in the financial sector, they can also give this exam.

The only requirement to give this exam is:

  1. Fluent English
  2. Basic knowledge of computer

NCFM certification is a standard of knowledge and many of them are mandated by the SEBI, that such certifications should be held by the professionals who are working in the financial sector.

The validity of these certificates are for 5 years for most of the modules, and the marks are provided on the spot so the candidates got to know about their result but the certificates come within 20-25 days of appearing in the exam and for few exams, the period of issuance of the certificate is longer.