Associateship Examination-Life Assurance Finance Exam

Life Assurance Finance Exam

Life Assurance Finance Exam Associateship Examination-Life Assurance Finance Exam –

Exam for Associateship-Life Insurance The Financial Metrics and Elements of Life Assurance paper discusses the financial measures and aspects of life insurance. The study of life insurance is worthwhile since it blossoms job aspects with an appropriate wage, ensuring that the candidate’s career will be at the top five years down the road. This course also covers renewal cost ratios, various internal audit objectives, the necessity of human resource accounting, financial analysis methodologies, conservation ratios, trend analysis constraints, and group superannuation schemes, among other topics.

Eligibility – Candidates can only sit for Associateship examinations after passing the Licentiate exams, and after passing all six subjects of this exam, they will be awarded an Associateship diploma.

Score – Candidates for this exam must score at least 50 out of 100 in order to pass.

Mode of exam – Associateship in Life Insurance Finance

Exam Paper is a paper pen mode offline exam in which students are only allowed to use blue and blank pens, as well as HB pencils. The answer instructions are printed in the booklet that each candidate receives in the testing room. This exam does not allow the use of calculators.

Exam Format – Finance for Life Insurance The paper has a maximum score of 100 points and is entirely subjective. Short notes and detailed types of queries are the most common (essay type). This paper does not have a sectional divide, but all of the questions are optional to respond. Candidates taking this test must answer 8 of the 10 questions.

Time Limit – The overall time permitted to complete the Associateship Exam’s Life Assurance Finance Paper is 3 hours.

Even if the time limit is three hours, it is difficult for sluggish writers to complete the work because it is subjective.

Books – Life insurance by Gustavus Woodson Smith.

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