Kotak Mahindra Bank Placement Paper

English Language

1-5. In each of these questions , two sentences (i) and (ii) are given. Each sentence has a blank in it . Five words (1), (2), (3), (4) and (5) are suggested. Out of these, only one first at both the places in the context of each sentence. Number of that word is the answer.

1. I . Boats take more time going against the ________ of the river.
II . She keeps herself abreast of ________ events.
(1) flow
(2) latest
(3) water
(4) all
(5) current

2. I . While trying to open the door, the ______ broke.
II . It is not difficult to ________ tricky situations.
(1) handle
(2) knob
(3) bracket
(4) overcome
(5) win

3. I . This course teaches you not to _______ to temptations.
II . We hope to increase our ________ of rice this year.
(1) succumb
(2) produce
(3) yield
(4) share
(5) submit

4. I . When you play your radio at high _______, it disturbs others.
II . We have just received a latest ______ of this encyclopedia.
(1) edition
(2) volume
(3) channel
(4) frequency
(5) pitch

5. I . It helps to rinse one’s mouth early morning with a _______ of salt and water.
II . You can always refer to this reference material to find the _________ to these problems.
(1) mixture
(2) answers
(3) liquid
(4) fix
(5) solution

6-10. Which of the phrases (1), (2), (3) and (4) given below should replace the phrase given in bold in the following sentence to make the sentence grammatically meaningful and correct. If the sentence is correct as it is and ‘No correction is required’, mark (5) as the answer.

6. In terms with seating capacity, it is the third largest stadium in India.
(1) On terms with
(2) As far as
(3) In respective to terms with
(4) In terms of
(5) No correction required

7. The actor can double for the star if needed be.
(1) if need
(2) if need be
(3) while it is needed
(4) whenever needed be
(5) No correction required

8. The 1982 Asian Games brought about a major change in India.
(1) brought after
(2) bring after
(3) best resulted
(4) bring around
(5) No correction required

9. Tourism, surely has suffered given the huge social unrest in the country.
(1) giving the huge
(2) because to
(3) as the huge
(4) taken the huge
(5) No correction required

10. Combining the ongoing crisis in Europe, the data make a case for a pause in rate hike.
(1) Together
(2) Apart with
(3) Combined with
(4) Combination of
(5) No correction required

11-25. Read the following passage t answer the given questions based on it . Some words/phrases are printed in bold to help you locate them while answering some of the questions.

The e-waste (Management and Handling) Rules , 2011, notified by the Ministry of Environment and Forests, have the potential to turn a growing problem into a developmental opportunity. With almost half-a-year to go before the rules take effect, there is enough time to create the necessary infrastructure for collection dismantling, and recycling of electronic waste. The focus must be on sincere and efficient implementation. Only decisive action can reduce the pollution and health cost associated with India’s hazardous water recycling industry. If India can achieve a transformation, it will be creating a whole new employment sector that provides good wages and working conditions for tens of thousands. The legacy response of the States to even the basic law of urban waste, the Municipal Solid Wastes (Management and Handling ) Rules , has been one of indifference; many cities continue to simply burn the garbage or dump it in lakes. With the emphasis now on segregation of waste at source and recovery of materials , it should be feasible to implement both sets of rules efficiently. A welcome feature of the new e -waste rules is the emphasis on extended producer responsibility. In other words, producers must take responsibility for the disposal of end-of-life product. For this provision to work, they must ensure that consumers who sell scrap get some form of financial incentive.The e-waster rules, which derive from those pertaining to hazardous waste , are scheduled to come into force on May 1, 2012. Sound as they are , the task of
scientifically disposing a few hundred thousand tonnes of trash electronics annually depends heavily on a system of oversight by State Pollution Control Boards (PCBs). Unfortunately, most PCBs remain unaccountable and often lack the resources for active enforcement. It must be pointed out that, although agencies handling e-waste must obtain environmental clearances and be authorised and registered by the PCBs even under the Hazardous Wastes (Management , Handling and Transboundary Movement) Rules , 2008, there has been little practical impact. Over 95 per cent of electronic waste is collected and recycled by the informal sector. The way forward is for the PCBs to be made accountable for enforcement of the e-waste rules , and the levy of penalties under environmental laws. Clearly, the first order priority is to create a system that will absorb the 80,000 strong workforce in the informal sector into the proposed scheme for scientific recycling . Facilities must be created to upgrade the skills of these workers through training and their occupational health must be ensured. Recycling of e-waste is one of the biggest challenges today. In such a time, when globalization and information technology are growing at a pace which could only be imagined few years back, e-waste and its hazards have become more important over a period of time and should be given immediate attention.

11. What according to the passage is important now for e -waste management?
(1) Making rules
(2) Reviewing rules
(3) Implementing rules
(4) Notifying rules
(5) Amending rules

12. Which of the following can be one of the by-products of effective e-waste management?
(1) India can guide other countries in doing so
(2) It will promote international understanding
(3) It will promote national integration
(4) It will create a new employment sector
(5) It will further empower judiciary

13. Which of the following rules has not been indicated in the passage?
(1) e-waste Rules 2011
(2) Pollution Check Rules
(3) Hazardous Wastes Rules, 2008
(4) Municipal Solid Wastes Rules
(5) All these have been indicated

14. “both sets of rules” is being referred to which of the following?
(1) Solid wastes and Hazardous wastes
(2) e-waste and Hazardous waste
(3) Solid waste and e-waste
(4) e-waste and e-production
(5) Solid waste and recycling waste

15. e-waste rules have been derived from those pertaining to __________
(1) Hazardous waste
(2) PC waste
(3) Computer-waste
(4) Municipal solid waste
(5) National waste

16. Which of the following will help implement “both sets of rules”?
(1) Employment opportunities
(2) International collaboration
(3) Financial Incentive
(4) Segregation of waster at source
(5) Health costs

17. e-waste Rules come/come into force from _______
(1) 2008
(3) 2010
(5) 2012

18. Which of the following best explains the meaning of the phrase – “which could only be imagined few years back”, as used in the passage?
(1) It was doomed
(2) It took us few years
(3) It took us back by few years
(4) Imagination is better than IT
(5) None of these

19. Which of the following is true in the context of the passage?
(1) No city dumps its waste in lakes
(2) Some cities burn garbage
(3) PCBs have adequate resource for active enforcement
(4) e -waste was a much bigger challenge in the past
(5) None of these

20. Which of the following is not true in the context of the passage?
(1) Some form of financial incentive is recommended for the producers
(2) Some financial incentive is recommended for the production
(3) e-waste will be a few hundred thousand tonnes
(4) The agencies handling e-waste have to obtain environmental clearances
(5) Those involved in e -waste management would need to upgrade their skills

21-23. Choose the word which is most nearly the same in meaning of the word printed in bold, as used in the passage.

21. clearance
(1) cleaning
(2) permission
(3) sale
(4) remedy
(5) clarity

22. turn
(1) throw
(2) chance
(3) send
(4) transform
(5) rotate

23. potential
(1) intelligence
(2) aptitude
(3) possibility
(4) portion
(5) will

24-25. Choose the word which is most opposite in meaning of the word printed in bold, as used in the passage.

24. feasible
(1) unattended
(2) physical
(3) practical
(4) unviable
(5) wasteful

25. indifference
(1) interest
(2) difference
(3) ignorance
(4) rule-bound
(5) insignificance

26-90. Read each sentence to find out whether there is any grammatical mistake/error in it. The error if any, will be one part of sentence. Mark the number of the part with errors as your answer. If there is ‘No error’,mark (5).

26. If you have made a mistake/while(1)filling up the form(2) /you should be(3)informed/the Income Tax department(4)immediately. /No error(5)

27. Reading newspapers will(1)/help you (2)/in understand banking(3) /and business(4)concepts./No error(5)

28. Government departments should(1)/share information with(2)/one another (3)so that/they records are up-to-date.(4)/No error(5)

29. The bank will decide(1 ) /unless Ashok is(2)/eligible for a loan(3) /based on his (4)monthly salary. /No error(5)

30. The power supplying in/many states(1) (2)has been/badly affected because/of(3)the shortage of coal. /No error(4) (5)

31. The government has many(1)/new schemes for people(2)/who want to (3)start/business in rural areas.(4) /No error.(5)

32. The rate of interest(1) /offered by banks(2)to/customers who had savings bank(3)accounts/was decided by RBI early.(4)No error(5)

33. The provide more such facility(1)/to its workers, the company(2)/is planning to (3)build/schools and parks in the(4)township. No error(5)

34. Every year this IT company(1)/conducts (2)training programmes/for employees(3)so that/they learn new skills.(4)No error(5)

35. According to newspaper reports(1)/there is more internet users(2)/in small (3)towns/than in metros(4)/ No error (5)

Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd Aptitude Questions
Kotak Mahindra Bank Aptitude Questions

1. 7825 – 9236 + 5234 = ? × 25
(1) 152.92
(2)1 5 2 . 2 9
(3) 125.29
(4)1 2 5 . 9 2
(5) None of these

2. 58% of 450 – ?% of 250 = 181
(1) 44
(2)4 0
(3) 32
(4)3 8
(5) None of these

3. 17.7% of 286 = ?
(1) 62.262
(2)4 8 . 2 6 6
(3) 64.626
(4)5 0 . 6 2 2
(5) None of these

4. 13.5 × 16.3 × 12.8 = ?
(1) 2861.46
(2)2 1 68 . 4 6
(3) 2816.64
(4)2 1 86 . 6 4
(5) None of these

5. 525.25 + 52.52 + 5.2 = ?
(1) 578.79
(2)5 2 8 . 9 7
(3) 588.97
(4)5 8 2 . 7 9
(5) None of these

6. 50550 ÷ 50 ÷ 5 = ?
(1) 350
(2)1 5 0
(3) 300
(4)2 5 0
(5) 200

118. 49.0003 ÷ 74.999 = ?
(1) 0.05
(2)0 . 2
(3) 1
(4)0 . 7
(5) 2

7. 23.005 × 22.998 + 100.010 = ?
(1) 630
(2)5 5 0
(3) 700
(4)7 2 0
(5) 510

8. 125.008 + 69.999 + 104.989 = ?
(1) 420
(2)3 0 0
(3) 700
(4)7 2 0
(5) 510

9. The average of four consecutive odd numbers A, B, C and D respectively is 24. What is the product of B & D?
(1) 483
(2)6 7 5
(3) 621
(4)5 2 5
(5) None of these

10. Swati walks 150 meters every day.How may kilometers will she walk in 3 weeks?
(1) 2.04
(2)5 . 9 2 130.
(3) 4.18
(4)3 . 1 5 12
(5) None of these

11. The difference between 55% of a number and 1 4 % of the same number is 8610. What is 85% of that number?
(1) 17850
(2)1 6 82 0
(3) 18020
(4)1 9 45 0
(5) None of these

12. Kriti?s money income is tow-third Sneha?s monthly income. Sneha?s annual income is Rs . 4, 32, 000/-.What is Kriti?s annual income? (In some cases monthly income and in some cases annual income is used)
(1) Rs. 2,82,000/-
(2) Rs. 2,63,500/-
(3) Rs. 2,48,200/-
(4) Rs. 2,88,000/-
(5) None of these

13. At present Palash is three times Arnav ?s age . After seven years Palash will be twice Arnav?s age then. How many times will Palash?s age be in another fourteen years time with respect to Arnav?s age then?
(1) 1
(3) 2
(4)1 . 5
(5) None of these

14. Paresh got 102 marks in Hindi, 118 marks in Science , 1 0 4 marks in Sanskrit, 114 marks in Maths and 96 marks in English. The maximum marks of each subject are 120. How much overall percentage or marks did Paresh get?
(1) 89
(2)8 2
(3) 77
(4)7 1
(5) None of these

15. 6 women alone can complete a place of work in 10 days , whereas 10 children alone take 1 5 days to complete the same piece of work. How many days will 6 women and 10 children together take to complete the place of work?
(1) 7
(3) 6
(5) None of these

16. Suhas sold an item for Rs. 7,500/-and incurred a loss of 25%. At what price should he have sold the item to have gained a profit of 25%?
(1) Rs. 13,800/-
(2) Rs. 12,500/-
(3) Rs. 11,200/-
(4) Cannot be determined
(5) None of these

17. One teacher ?s day sweets were to be equally distributed amongst 540 children. But on that particular day 135 children remained absent ; hence each child got 2 sweets extra. How many sweets was each child originally supposed to get?
(1) 4
(3) 10
(5) Cannot be determined

18. Maria earned a profit of 30 percent on selling an article for Rs. 6,110/-. What was the cost price of the article?
(1) Rs. 5,725/-
(2) Rs. 4,080/-
(3) Rs. 5,250/-
(4) Rs. 4,400/-
(5) None of these

19. In an examination it is required to get 55% of the aggregate marks to pass. A student gets 520 marks and is declared failed by 5 % marks . What are the maximum aggregate marks a student can get?
(1) 960 (2)1 2 5 0
(3) 1040
(4) Cannot be determined
(5) None of these

20. The diameter of a circle is 7.7 cms. What is the circumference of the circle?
(1) 26.4 cms
(2)24.2 cms
(3) 28.4 cms
(4)22.2 cms
(5) None of these

21. In how many different ways can the letter of the word ?BELIEVE? be arranged?
(1) 840
(2)1 6 8 0
(3) 2520
(4)5 0 4 0
(5) None of these

22. The compound interest accrued on an amount at the end of two year @ 16 p.c.p.a. is Rs. 3041 .28 . What is the amount?
(1) Rs. 10,500/-
(2) Rs. 9,000/-
(3) Rs. 7,250/-
(4) Rs. 8,800/-
(5) None of these

23. The simple interest accrued in 9 years on a principle of Rs. 24,250/- is 162 percent of the principle.
(1) 22
(2)1 6
(3) 18
(4) Cannot be determined
(5) None of these

24. A 420 meters long train crosses a pole in 7 0 seconds . What is the speed of the train?
(1) 5 m/s
(2)7 m/s
(3) 4.5 m/s
(4) Cannot be determined
(5) None of these

25. Neela , Saroj and Paulami start running around a circular stadium and complete one round in 10 seconds, 6 seconds and 14 seconds respectively. In how much time they meet again at the starting point?
(1) 3 minutes 30 seconds
(2) 2 minutes 28 seconds
(3) 4 minutes 45 seconds
(4) 1 minute 40 seconds
(5) None of these

Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd Aptitude-English
Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd Preparation Paper

English Language

Directions (1 – 5):Which phrase should replace the phrase given in bold in the sentence to make it grammatically correct? If the sentence is correct as it is given, then mark ‘No correction required’ as your answer.

1. We asked her that how she got time to write all these books.
1) that how did she got
2) that how she was going
3) how did she get
4) how she got
5) No correction required

2. Studies in the past have shown that those who limit their activity span during the day in winters are more likely to suffer from depression.
1) more likely for
2) mostly likely to
3) most likely for
4) most likeliest for
5) No correction required

3. In some cases, factors like low salary, lack of growth prospects and lack of motivation compel all employee to look for a change.
1) compel those employees
2) complelling all employees
3) compelling the employee
4) compel employees
5) No correction required

4. Living with compassion and contributing to others lives would helping us add happiness to our lives as well.
1) will helping us
2) will help us
3) would helped them
4) will helped us
5) No correction required

5. The easiest way for prevent stress caused by work or home pressures is to indulge in high levels of physical activity.
1) easily way to
2) easier ways for
3) easiest way to
4) easier way from
5) No correction required

Directions (6 – 10):Read this sentence to find out whether there is any grammatical mistake/error in it. The error, if any, will be in one part of the sentence. Mark that part with the error as your answer. If the sentence is correct as it is, mark ‘No Error’ as your answer. (Ignore the errors of punctuation if any.)

6. A red and sore tongue/is an indicator from/lack or iron.Vitamin B12/in the body.
1) a red and sore tongue
2) is an indicator from
3) lack of iron and Vitamin-B
4) in the body
5) No Error

7. In the high-strung life/of overcrowded metros/there a constantly tug of war/cover space and resources.
1) in the high-strung life
2) of over-crowded metros
3) there a constantly tug of war
4) over space and resources
5) No Error

8. The formost criterion of selection we adopted/ were the number of years of training/a singer had received/under a particular guru.
1) The foremost criterion of selection we adopted
2) were the number of years of training
3) a singer had received
4) under a particular guru
5) No Error

9. Excess weight is the result of/unhealthy eating habits/which are inherent risk factors/responsible for many diseases.
1) excess weight is the result of
2) unhealthy eating habits
3) which are inherent risk factors
4) responsible for many diseases
5) No Error

10.The therapeutic benefits/ at helping others/ have long been/ recognised by people.
1) the therapeutic benefits
2) at helping others
3) have long been
4) recognised by people
5) No Error

Directions (11 – 12):Rearrange the given five sentences (A, B, C, D) and (E) in a proper sequence so as to form a meaningful paragraph and then answer the given question.
A. With so many products and opportunities available in the market, it is very easy to get this planning wrong.
B. Planning therefore, is imperative and should begin as early as possible.
C. What amount will we need and when will we need it?
D. Most of us would put our children’s education above any other priority in the including our own retirement.
E. So, let’s try to find the best solution by asking two important question.

11.Which of the following should be the SECOND sentence after rearrangement?
1) D
2) B
3) C
4) E
5) A

12.Which of the following should be the FIFTH sentence after rearrangement?
1) A
2) B
3) C
4) E
5) D

13.Which of the following should be the FIRST sentence after rearrangement?
1) A
2) B
3) E
4) C
5) D

14. Which of the following should be the THIRD sentence after rearrangement?
1) D
2) B
3) C
4) E
5) A

15.Which of the following should be the FOURTH sentence after rearrangement?
1) A
2) B
3) E
4) D
5) C

Directions (56 – 65):Read the following passage carefully and answer the given question. Certain words/phrases are given in bold in the passage to help you locate them while answering some of the questions.

A majority of Indians prefer to use the internet for accessing banking and other financial services than shopping online, shows a new survey. Almost 57% of Indian respondents using the internet prefer to bank online and use other financial services due to hassle-free access and time saving feature of online banking according to the survey. Checking information on products and services online comes a close second at 53% while 50% shop for products online. The fourth on the list-around 42% of respondents in India surfed online to look for jobs, the survey said. Online banking
has made things much easier for the people and it saves a lot of time. It has eliminated the problems associated with traditional way of banking where one had to stand in a queue and fill up several forms. Most of the banks in India have introduced customer-friendly online banking facility with advanced security features to protect customers against cybercrime.

The easy registration process for net banking has improved customers access to several banking products increased customer loyality, facilitated money transfer to any bank across India and has helped banks-attract new customers. The Indian results closely track the global trends as well conducted among 19,216 people from 24 countries, the survey showed that banking and keeping track of finances and searching for jobs are the main tasks of internet users around the globe.

Overall 60% of people surveyed used the web to check their bank account and other financial assets in the past 90 days, making it the most popular use of the internet globality, shopping was not too far behind at 48%, the survey showed and 41% went online in search of a job in terms of country preferences, almost 90% of respondents in Sweden use e-banking.

Online banking has also caught on in a big way in nations like France, Canada,Australia, Poland, South Africa and Belgium, the survey showed. The Germans and British come on top for using online shopping with 74% of respondents in both countries having bought something online in the past three months. They are followed by 68% of respondents in Sweden. 65% in US and 62% in South Korea.

16.If the given sentences were to be arranged in their order of their popularity (from most popular to least popular), which one of the following would represent the correct sequences as given in the passage?
A. Use internet to gain information about products and services
B. Use internet to search for jobs
C. Use internet for online banking
1) B, A, C
2) C, B, A
3) C, A, B
4) A, B, C
5) A, C, B

17.Which of the following is not true on the context of the passage?
1) Internet users across the globe are mainly interested in looking for jobs and keeping track of finances
2) Germany and Great Britain are the top countries where online shopping is quite popular
3) Many people in Sweden use e-banking to maintain their finances
4) A majority of Indians prefer shopping online as compared to other online activities
5) All the given statements are true

18. According to the passage, banks are successful in attracting more customers due to
A. better training to sales staff
B. opening more branches at various locations
C. easy registration process for net banking
1) Only B
2) (B) and (C)
3) (A) and (B)
4) (A) and (C)
5) Only (C)

19. How many of the Indians using the internet shop online?
1) Between 40% and 50%
2) One-fourth of them
3) One-third of them
4) Half of them
5) All of them

20. Which of the following is most nearly the SAME in meaning as the word HASSLE-FREE used in the passage?
1) Unskilled
2) Not annoying
3) Subtle
4) Unsaddle
5) Notable

21. Based on the passage, what can be said about the internet is a nutshell?
1) It has increased the number of cybercrimes
2) It is useful only for the rich
3) It has been hyped for no reason
4) It is more popular for online shopping than anything else
5) It has made fives easier than before

22. Which of the following can be appropriate title for the passage?
1) The growing utility of the internet
2) Internet and its drawbacks
3) The traditional versus modern ways of shopping
4) Use of the internet in different countries
5) Internet-The Curse

23. Which of the following is/are TRUE in the context of the passage?
A. More than 50% Indians using internet prefer online banking
B. Many banks in India have introduced facilities to suit the needs of customers(customer friendly)
C. More people shop online in South Korea as compared to those in Sweden.
1) Only (B)
2) (B) and (C) both
3) (A) and (B) both
4) (A) and (C) both
5) Only (C)

24.Which of the following is most nearly the same in meaning as the words?’ELIMINATED” as used in the passage?
1) taken
2) introduced
3) begun
4) removed
5) cancelled

25.According to the passage, globally, the most popular use of internet is
1) looking for a job
2) checking bank accounts and maintaining financial assets
3) finding out information about various products
4) shopping online
5) blogging and tweeting every update in one’s personal life

Directions (26 – 30):In the questions, two sentences (I) and (II) are given. Each sentence has a blank in it. Against each five options are suggested. Out of these,only one fits at both the places in the context of each sentence. Mark that option as your answer.

26. I. The report ended on a — note.
II.They must take — steps to deal with the problem.
1) cirticising
2) huge
3) positive
4) fancy
5) cursory

27. I. In today’s world parents usually — that their children do not talk to them as they are more involved in electronic gadgets and social media.
II. He would — about every other child on the playground and his parents would fight with other parents so as to protect him.
1) feel
2) defend
3) fight
4) complain
5) observe

28. I. He was good with mathematics so he could not fathorn why other people cribbed about such an … subject.
II. In a world so riddled with greed and corruption where every man seems to be out toget another, it is not very… to trust others.
1) good
2) exciting
3) wise
4) easy
5) interesting

29. I. The area under our eyes is connected to our kidneys, so any … change in the dark circles indicates dehydration or accumulating toxins.
II. Many Indian adults are struggling with weight, thus indulging in weight loss programmes that require… changes in their current lifestyle.
1) drastic
2) frequent
3) ambiguous
4) severe
5) aggressive

30. I. Usually fund-raising events and charity auctions raise a large amount of money as people from all sections of the society get an opportunity to … for a cause.
II. Today, a person needs to … very hard for surviving in the corporate race.
1) work
2) contribute
3) effort
4) donate
5) dedication

Directions (31 – 40):In the given passage there are blanks, each of which has been numbered. Against each, five words are suggested, one of which fits the blank appropriately. Find out the appropriate word in each case.

Trust is the basic tenet for all relationships, so building an environment of trust is one of the (31) important things one can do to (32) a positive work environment. It is a philosophy that must be demonstrated in everything you and your staff does. That is about doing what you say you are going to do and being who you say you (33). It is about showing your staff in everthing you do that your are reliable, responsible and accountable and that they can (34) on you for consistency. Also, letting them know you (35) the same from them. When your words and behaviour are congruent you (36) trust. It will take sometime for your staff members to learn that you are a person of your word. If they see that you are consistent you will build trust, but if they see that your words don’t match your behaviour their trust in you will be (37). The unfortunate thing about trust is that it takes a long time to build, but is very fragile and breaks easily. Once broken, it takes an (38) longer time to regain, and it may never be fully rebuilt. Therefore, it is of primary importance that you are (39)of all your words and behaviour and ensure that they are worthy of your employees trust.Even while dealing with umcomfortable situations, if you are honest and upfront it will make thing (40) for everyone.

31. 1) most
2) single
3) extreme
4) high
5) crucial

32. 1) believe
2) accept
3) create
4) lift
5) add

33. 1) is
2) will
3) are
4) would
5) could

34. 1) trust
2) rely
3) believe
4) expect
5) try

35. 1) are
2) belong
3) demands
4) expect
5) harbour

36. 1) foster
2) seek
3) ask
4) built
5) collect

37. 1) broke
2) tall
3) degrade
4) destroyed
5) eliminate

38. 1) even
2) very
3) elaborate
4) much
5) enormous

39. 1) cautious
2) careful
3) worried
4) afraid
5) asking

40. 1) simplest
2) easier
3) real
4) contrast
5) wrong
Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd Computer-Knowledge-GK
Kotak Mahindra Bank Paper

Computer Knowledge

1. Full form of FTP is
1) File Transfer Protocol
2) File Transit Protocol
3) Folder Transfer Protocol
4) File Transfer Procedure
5) None of these

2. Which area of microprocessor is used to temporarily store instructiions and data?
1) Register
2) ALU
3) Accumulator
4) Cache memory
5) Interrupt control

3. — are usually real technology buffs which modify computer hardware or software in a way that alters the creator’s original content.
1) Crackers
2) Hackers
3) Virus
4) Software engineer
5) None of these

4. In computing — is a term that means replacing of hardware, software or firmware with a new or better version in order to bring the system up to date or to improve its characteristics.
1) Upgrading
2) Installing
3) New version
4) Replacement
5) None of these

5. What is the blinking symbol on computer screen?
1) Mouse
2) Cursor
3) Cathode Ray tube
4) Logo
5) Palm cursor

6. Which hardware device enables a computer to send and receive information over telephone lines by converting the digital data used by computer into analog signal used on phone lines and then converting it back once received on the other end.
1) Demodulator
2) Modulator
3) Modem
4) Ethernet
5) All of the above

7. — are descended from early text formating tools, it is the earlist applications for the personal computer in office productivity.
1) word processor
2) Diskettes
3) Printer
4) Plotter
5) None of these

8. …is a concept to abstractly represent all instances of group of similar things.
1) Revoke
2) Data Manipulation language
3) Data Definition language
4) Data Control language
5) Entity

9. How many Gigabytes is equal to 1 petabyte?
1) 104857
2) 1048576
3) 110485
4) 1230435
5) None of these

10. .xis, .doc, .ppt are extensions of … respectively.
1) Word document, Presentation, Excel
2) Presentation, Excel, Word Document
3) Excel, Word doucment, Presentation
4) Excel, Presentation, Word document
5) None of these

11. PIN stands for…
1) Password Indentification Number
2) Public Identification Number
3) Private Identification Number
4) Public Indentification Numer
5) None of these

12. … refers to the copying and archiving of computer data, where primary purpose is to recover data after its loss (due to deletion or corruption).
1) Reverse Data
2) Extraction of data
3) Back up of data
4) Version change
5) All of the above

13. An email attachment is a computer file, documents and images sent along with an…
1) email message
2) email extension
3) inbox
4) insert file
5) All of the above

14. TSO stands for
1) Time Sharing Operation
2) Time Sharing Option
3) Time Support Option
4) Time Synchronous Option
5) None of these

15. Which of the following is known as Network of Networks?
1) LAN
2) WAN
3) MAN
4) Internet
5) None of these

16. What refers to how system can qucikly transform to support environmental chages?
1) Reliability
2) Scalability
3) Availability
4) Maintanibility
5) None of these

17. Booting up of PC depends on factors like… so that files function withourt errors.
1) the hardware
3) Operating systerm
4) All of the above
5) None of these

18. Which amongst the following is/are pointing divices?
1) Mouse
2) Trackball
3) Joystick
4) Stylus
5) All of the above

19. What of feature adjusts the top and bottom margins so that the text is centred vertically on the printed page?
1) Vertical justifying
2) Vertical adjusting
3) Dual centring
4) Horizontal centring
5) Vertical centring

20. What is the overall term for creating, editing, formatting, storing, retrieving, and printing a text document?
1) Word processing
2) Spreadsheet design
3) Web design
4) Database management
5) Presentation generation

21. A(n) … allows you to access your e-mail from any where
1) Forum
2) Webmail interface
3) Message Board
4) Weblog
5) None of these

22. When you enter text in a cell in Excel, it also appears in the
1) status bar
2) formula bar
3) row heading
4) name box
5) None of these

23. Where is newly received email store?
1) Your website
2) Address-box
3) Inbox
4) Your personal laptop
5) None of these

24. When the mouse is moved, it causes a picture to move on the screen which is referred to as a
1) menu
2) icon
3) pointer
4) tab
5) None of these

25. To save a document for the first time, … option is used.
1) Save as
2) Save first
3) Save on
4) Copy
5) Paste

26. The basic types of graphics used in Word 2000 are …
1) Autoshapes and ClipArt
2) Header and Footer
3) Drawing Objects and Pictures
4) Spelling and Grammar
5) Word Count

27. Which of the following terms is not related Internet?
1) Link
2) Function key
3) Browser
4) Search Engine
5) Hyperlink

28. To move the text form its original position to another position without deleting it is called-
1) Scrolling
2) Searching
3) Moving
4) Copying
5) Halting

29. Which of the following is an active cell Excell?
1) Recycle Bin
2) Task Bar
3) Tool Bar
4) My Computer
5) None of these

30. All the deleted files go to—
1) Recycle Bin
2) Task Bar
3) Tool Bar
4) My Computer
5) None of these

31. You organize files by storing them in —
1) archives
2) folders
3) indexes
4) Lists
5) None of these

32. Letters, numbers, and symbols found on a key- board are
1) Icon
2) Screen
3) Keys
4) Menu
5) None of these

33. —- is the process of carrying out commands.
1) Fetching
2) storing
3) Decoding
4) Executing
5) None of these

34. The microprocessor contains a special purpose storage areas called
1) Cache
2) RAM
3) ROM
4) Internal memory
5) Registers

35. Six aspects of e-mail system in the right order are
1) Composition, transfer, conversion, reporting, formating, disposition
2) Composition, Conversion, reporting, transfer, formating, disposition
3) Composition, transfer, reporting conversion, formatting, disposition
4) Composition, formatting, transfer, conversion, reporting, disposition
5) Composition, transfer, conversion, reporting, disposition, formatting

36. COMMIT, ROLLBACK statements are parts of
1) TCL
2) DCL
3) DDL
4) DML
5) DQL

37. State what is true about XML:
1) XML is a markup language very different from HTML
2) XML is not a W3C Recommendation
3) XML does not do anything
4) XML stands for Extra Markup Language
5) XML tags are predefined

38. — be used to insert a page break in word at the current position
1) Enter
2) Shift + Enter
3) CTRL + Break
4) CTRL + Enter
5) CTRL + B

39. System Proposal is prepared in — phase of SDLC
1) Conception
2) Initiation
3) Analysis
4) Design
5) Construction

40. — menu provides an option to check spellings
1) View
2) Edit
3) Format
4) Tools
5) Review
Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd Question-Paper

Kotak Mahindra Bank Question Paper

Reasoning Ability

1. In a certain code ?TERMINAL? is written as ?NSFUMBOJ? and ?TOWERS? is written as ?XPUTSF?. How is ?MATE? written in that code?
(1) FUBN
(2) UFNB
(3) BNFU
(4) BNDS
(5) None of these

2. The positions of how many digits in the number 5314647 will remain unchanged after the digits are rearranged in ascending order within the number?
(1) None
(2) One
(3) Two
(4) Three
(5) More than three

3. What should come in place of the questions mark (?) in the following letter series?
(1) PR
(2) QS
(3) QR
(4) PS

4. ‘ERID’ is related to ‘DIRE’ in the same way as ‘RIPE’ is related to ________ ?
(1) EPIR
(2) PERI
(3) EPRI
(4) PEIR
(5) IPRE

5. How many meaningful English words can be made with the third, the fifths, the seventh and the ninth letters of the word ‘DOWNGRADED’, using each letter only once in each word?
(1) None
(2) One
(3) Two
(4) Three
(5) More than three

6-10. In each question below, a group of digits/symbols is given by four combinations of letters numbered (1), (2), (3) and (4). You have to find out which of the combinations (1), (2), (3) and (4) correctly represents the group of digit/symbols based on the following coding system and the conditions those follow and mark the number of that combination as your answer. If none of the four combinations correctly represents the groups of digits/symbols, mark (5) i.e., ‘None of these’ as the answer.

Digit/Symbol : 5 9 @ © 3 8 1 $ % 4 2 6 * 7 ? #
Letter Code : B E P A K D F H Q I R J U M V T

(i) If the first unit in the group is an even digit and the last unit is a symbol, both these are to be coded as the code for the symbol.
(ii) If the first unit in the group is an odd digit and the last unit is an even digit, their codes are to the interchanged.
(iii) If both the first and the last units in the group are symbols, both these are to be coded as ‘X’.

6. @91$26
(5) None of these

7. 387#©9
(5) None of these

8. 4@312
(5) None of these

9. %4187*
(5) None of these

10. 9124 ? 6
(5) None of these

11. In a certain code ?BUILT? is written as ?5#32@? and ?TRIBE? is written as ?@9345©?. How is ?RULE? written in that code?
(1) 9#2©
(2) 92#©
(3) @#2©
(4) @2#©
(5) None of these

12. How many meaningful English can be formed, starting was S, with the second, the fourth, the fifth and the eight letters of theword PERISHED, using each letter only once in each word? (To be counted from left)
(1) None
(2) One
(3) Two
(4) Three
(5) More than three

13. The positions of howmany digits in the numbers 837912 will remain unchanged after the digits within the number are rearranged in descending order? (from left to right)
(1) None
(2) One
(3) Two
(4) Three
(5) More than three

14. How many such pairs of letters are three in the word STREAMING each of which has as many letters between them in the word as in the English alphabet? (in both forward and backward directions)
(1) None
(2) One
(3) Two
(4) Three
(5) More than three

15. In a certain code ?CLEAR? is written as ?SBFMD? and ?BONDS? is written as ?TEOPC?. Howis ?STALE?written in that code?
(5) None of these

16-20. Study the following arrangement of numbers, letters and symbols carefully and answer the questions given below:
R @ 2 9 T V AY 5 © # J 1 P 8 Q $ E 3 * H % 6 W 4 I ? U Z

16. Four of the following five are alike in a certain way based on their positions in the above arrangement and so form a group. Which is the one that does not belong to that group?
(1) J P ©
(2) E Q *
(3) W I %
(4) 9 V @
(5) 1 # ?

17. Which of the following is the fifth to the right of the nineteenth element from the right end?
(1) P
(2) V
(3) W
(4) 8
(5) None of these

18. How many such numbers are there in the above arrangement, each of which is immediately prepared by a consonant and immediately followed by a symbol?
(1) One
(2) Two
(3) Three
(4) Four
(5) More than four

19. If the positions of the last eighteen elements in the above arrangement are reserved, which of te following will be the seventeenth from the left end?
(1) E
(2) P
(3) W
(4) 6
(5) None of these

20. How many such vowels are three in the above arrangement, each of which is either immediately followed by a symbol or immediately preceded by a symbol?
(1) None
(2) One
(3) Two
(4) Three
(5) Four


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