Que. 1 : Q1) Insurance plans providing only death cover are called as ____________.

   1.  a) Whole life policy

   2.  b) Endowment policy

   3.  c) Term insurance

   4.  d) Joint life policy

Que. 2 : Q2) Capital Asset Model is concerned with which of the following risks?

   1.  a) Market risk

   2.  b) Interest rate risk

   3.  c) Non-diversifiable risk

   4.  d) Diversifiable risk

Que. 3 : Q3) Which of the following is current assets?

   1.  a) Deferred tax assets

   2.  b) Tangible assests

   3.  c) Capital work-iniprogress

   4.  d) Inventories

Que. 4 : Q4) Financial Management is based on which of the following principles ? choose an appropriate answer.

   1.  a) Accrual analysis

   2.  b) Fund flow analysis

   3.  c) Capital budgeting

   4.  d) Cash management

Que. 5 : Q5) Few Accounting balances extracted from the financial statements and accounting schedules in annual reports of 2011-12 of Good Luck Life Insurance Co.Ltd. are given for purpose of accounting ratio analysis. From the above data and particulars, you are required to compute Death Claims of total income?

   1.  a) 2.85%

   2.  b) 4.25%

   3.  c) 6.85%

   4.  d) 8.62%