Que. 1 : Q1) Indian economy is directly affected by the agricultural production in the country. Say whether True of False.

   1.  a) True

   2.  b) False



Que. 2 : Q2) Which approach envisages that in the absence of reliable data of individual farmers and in view of the moral hazards involved in the individual approach?

   1.  a) Homogenous area approach

   2.  b) Individual approach

   3.  c) Experimental approach

   4.  d) Comprehensive approach                                                                                                 

Que. 3 : Q3) During which phase, Detailed data on irrigation status, tenancy particulars cropping pattern, number of crops taken etc., are collected?

   1.  a) Phase I

   2.  b) Phase II

   3.  c) Phase III

   4.  d) Phase IV

Que. 4 : Q4) What refers to a rate of premium for a reinsurance which if applied to the reinsurer’s liability will result in an annual premium sufficient to meet expected losses over a number of years?

   1.  a) Pure premium

   2.  b) Voluntary excess

   3.  c) Rate-on-line

   4.  d) Waiting period

Que. 5 : Q5) Which is more liable on a limited peril basis, provided it addresses the main concerns of the growers and offers worthwhile service to farmers, a service which has a greater chance of long-term viability than yield assurance schemes?

   1.  a) Yield assurance

   2.  b) Final analysis

   3.  c) Coverage against specified perils

   4.  d) None of the above