Q1.Which is the most critical step in data warehousing?

 Business goal setting


 Deciding requirements for business data warehouse


Collection of first-hand data


 Defining the scope of data collection


 Understanding of the available data


Q2.With regards to Insurable Interest, which of the below statement is correct?

 The person taking the insurance has no legally recognized relationship to the object of the insurance


A person has the legal right to ensure his health by taking a health insurance policy


 A person should not have a pecuniary interest in the asset he is going to get insured


The reason why employers buy health insurance plans for their employees is because it is mandatory


 The greatest liability of a person is his own health


Q3.Regulation no. __ of IRDAI Protection of policyholders interests regulations 2002 states that every insurer should have in place a grievance redressal system to address the complaints of the policyholders.











Q4.Insurers have to provide sufficient information to prospects regarding claim processes. This rule is as per which act/regulation?

 Insurance act




 General Insurance Business (Nationalization) Act


 Contract Act


 Policy Holder Protection Regulation


Q5.A score of 3.9 was received by which of the following options in context to – ‘taking measures for post-sales dissonance of health insurance – Clarity of information’?

Health policy wordings are available to download from the company’s website


 Availability of broachers in vernacular language


Product coverage and exclusions mentioned in the health insurance proposal form


 Reconfirmation of health insurance premium to be charged


Coverage and exclusions displayed on the company’s website


Q6.The full form of FCR is ____.

 Final Call Receipt


 Free Call Resolution


 Fast Call Resolution


 First Call Resolution


 Factual Call Receipt


Q7.Which of these is also known as Income Protection Plan?

 Critical illness


 Life insurance


 Disability benefit


 Personal accident


 Indemnity health insurance


Q8.Which of the following is a suitable measure to be taken by a good data warehouse to avoid spelling errors in name, city name, etc.?

Appointment of proofreaders for the database


 Checking of data entry at two levels to remove errors


Development of high-end spell check software


Such fields can come in drop-down menus


Provision of a pre-defined list of names and accept only those values


Q9.What does the term ‘ Creating a Fraud database’ mean in context to fighting frauds in insurance? 1. This is a powerful tool at the claim filing stage 2. This database must have all information about frauds or suspicious transactions for all insurance companies 3. Such database gives information on fraud (consisting of customers, agents, doctors, etc)

 Only statement 2 is correct


 Only statement 3 is correct


 Statement 2 and 3 are correct, 1 is incorrect


 Statement 1 and 3 are correct, 2 is incorrect


 Statement 1 and 2 are correct, 3 is incorrect


Q10.What percentage of the Indian population is lead towards poverty due to out-of-pocket medical expenses every year?

 Approx 2.20%


 Approx 1.54 %


 Approx 4.25%


 Approx 5.80 %


 Approx 10.50 %

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