Q1.Which of the following cannot be the post underwriting possible decision that can be taken by the underwriter?
 Accept the proposal with special or altered terms.
 Postpone the proposal.
 Decline the proposal.
 Postpone the proposal for more than three years.
 None of the above.


Q2.For risk selection in insurance underwriting, what should be reviewed carefully for assessing the mortality risk in diabetic applicants? (i) Blood reports. (ii) Family history. (iii) Medical records. (iv) Occupation.
 Only (i),(ii)&(iii)
 Only (i)&(iii)
 Only (i),(iii)&(iv)
 Only (i)&(ii)
 Only (i),(ii)&(iv)


Q3.In which type of risk a temporary extra may be charged for a short predetermined period of time until it gets ceased to exist?
 For increasing extra risk.
 For decreasing extra risk.
 For constant extra risk.
 For very high risk.
 For increasing mortality rate.


Q4.Name the cardiovascular system which operates within the human body?
 Pulmonary circulation system.
 Systematic circulation system.
 Functional circulation system.
 Both (a) & (b)
 Both (b) & (c)


Q5.Which of the following Hepatitis virus needs to be assessed in detail for insurance underwriting? (i) Hepatitis B. (ii) Hepatitis A. (iii) Hepatitis C. (iv) Hepatitis D.
 Only (i)&(iii)
 Only (ii)&(iii)
 Only (iv)
 Only (i)
 Only (iii)&(iv)


Q6.Which part or organs in the human body helps in regulating the production, destruction, and differentiation of cells? (i) Lymph nodes. (ii) Bone marrow. (iii) Spleen (iv) Liver. (v) Kidney.
 Only (i),(ii)&(iii)
 Only (i),(iii)&(iv)
 Only (ii),(iii)&(iv)
 Only (i),(ii),(iii)&(iv)
 Only (iii),(iv)&(v)


Q7.According to the current regulations of life insurance, which plan is allowed for the keyman insurance?
 Term assurance plans.
 Mediclaim policy.
 Child money back plans.
 Child endowment plans.
 Accidental death benefits.


Q8.Hindu Undivided Family is defined under which law?
 Common law.
 Indian law.
 Hindu law.
 Cultural law.
 None of the above.


Q9.All the functions of the brain are associated with___.
 Cranial nerves.
 Motor nerves.
 Peripheral nerves.
 Autonomic nerves.
 None of the above.


Q10.Which blood disease produces too many red blood cells in the body which can result in blockage of arteries and veins?
 Thalassemia carrier.

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