Q1.What information is required while underwriting COPD cases in Life Insurance?
 The extent of the current damage.
 The rate at which the disease is progressing.
The treatment took by the individual.
 Both (a) & (b)
 All (a),(b)&(c)


Q2.The human body consists of about _ percent of solids and ___ percent of water.
 30% & 70%.
 22% & 78%.
 28% & 72%.
 20% & 80%.
 25% & 75%.


Q3.The judgment method can be highly effective when expert advice is needed in the case which involves___.
 Just one adverse factor.
 Maximum two adverse factors.
 More than two adverse factors.
 No adverse factors.
 Either (a) or (b)


Q4._____Is The Reinsurance That Accepts The Risk From Another Reinsurer
 Retention Limit


Q5.Life insurance companies generally employ which of the following process for underwriting?
 Centralized processing of underwriting.
 Outsourcing model of underwriting.
 Decentralized processing of underwriting.
 Both (a) & (b)
 Both (a) & (c)


Q6.The primary function of the white blood cells is to ___.
 Carry oxygen and carbon dioxide.
 Blood clotting.
 Fight infections.
 Increase platelets.
 All the above.


Q7.Rajesh has a traveling job, he travels to certain foreign locations where the crime rate is very high,
 Will his application for life insurance cover be selected for underwriting or not?
The proposal will be accepted at standard terms.
The proposal will be considered at high risk and may be rejected.
The proposal will be accepted with some moderate terms.
 Either (b) 0r (c)


Q8.If an individual has been working as an X-ray technician for more than 18 years and after that switched the job of another type, then the risk associated with him will be __.
 Increasing extra risk.
 Constant extra risk.
 Decreasing extra risk.
 Increasing high risk.
 None of the above.


Q9.Find The Odd Man Out:
 Glucose 6 Phosphate Dehydrogenase G6pd Deficiency
 Sickle Cell Disease, Thalassemia
 Haemoglobinopathies & Hereditary Spherocytosis
 A Ruptured Blood Vessel
 Increased Red Blood Cell Destruction


Q10.Medical examination to be conducted in the insurance companies through external service providers, who are called___.
Third-party administrators.
 Core underwriting panel.
 Medical authority.
Third-party medical team.
Support the underwriting team.

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