Q1.The mortality rate is the ratio of total death for a specified period of time, which is usually__.
 A year.
 A month.
 For 15 days.
 For 3 months.
For a maximum of 6 months.


Q2.Which of the gastric juices are secreted by the stomach, which helps in liquefying the food and preparing it for the intestine?
 Hydrochloric acid.
 Digestive enzymes.
 Both (a) & (b)
 Both (b) & (c)


Q3.Which of the following factors related to glaucoma, an eye disorder would influence the underwriting decision for Life Insurance?
 Cause of glaucoma.
 Effects on applicant’s occupation.
 The degree of visual impairment.
 Only (a) & (c)
 All (a),(b)&(c)


Q4.In which way an insurance company can communicate it terms of acceptance to the life insured?
 Policy contract.
 Proposal form.
 Insurance application.


Q5.Which is the colored part of the eye that regulates the amount of light?


Q 6. Which of the following test is not used in India as a pre-insurance screening tool?
 Gene tests.
 Medico-legal test.
 Fasting plasma glucose
 None of the above.


Q7.The Inadequate Supply Of Oxygen In The Tissues Produces The Symptoms Of__
 Inadequate Production Of Red Blood Cells
 Blood Loss
 Excessive Destruction Of Red Blood Cells.


Q8.Acute otitis media is an acute inflammation of the ___.
 Middle ear.
 Inner ear.
 Outer ear.
 Ear canal.
 Eustachian tube.


Q9.Which of the following is not an advantage of the Numerical Rating Method?
 It eliminated the personal judgment of the underwriter to a large extent.
 It helps in assessing the combined effect of multiple adverse factors together.
 This method involves charging a level extra premium for the sub-standard lives throughout the policy contract.
 It increases speed and efficiency in handling large volume of business.
 All the above statements are true.


Q10.In centralized processing of underwriting, most of the processing with regard to policy issuance is done at ____ of an insurance company.
 Head office.
 Regional office.
 Branch office.
 Both (a) & (b).
 Both (b) & (c).

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