Q1.Which type of diabetes is also known as late-onset diabetes?
 Type 2 diabetes.
 Type 1 diabetes.
 Gestational diabetes.
 Diabetes mellitus.


Q2.Which type of disease associated with the cardiovascular system is caused by clogging of arteries?
 Valvular heart disease.
 Congenital heart disease.
 Coronary arteries disease.
 Peripheral arteries disease.
 None of the above.


Q 3.Which disease is a type of kidney disorder passed down through families?
 Kidney stones.
 Polycystic kidney disease.
 Diabetic nephropathy.
 Renal cell carcinoma.
 Chronic kidney failure.


Q4.Which Of The Following Is Responsible For Gaseous Exchange Between The Circulatory System And The Outside World.
 Respiratory System
 both c & d


Q5.___Is An Intermediary Stage Between The Healthy Stage And The Diabetic Stage In An Individual.
 Type I Diabetes
 Pre Diabetes
 Type Ii Diabetes
 Gestational Diabetes
 Both a & d


Q6.Find The Odd Man Out: Chronic Excessive Bleeding
 Cancer In The Digestive Tract
 Bladder Tumours & Haemorrhoids
 Folate Deficiency
 Ulcers In The Stomach Or Small Intestine


Q7._____Is An Example Of Vascular Disorder
Parkinson’s Disease
 both a & c


Q8.Screening of the presence of ___ in urine is an important step in insurance underwriting diabetes.
 Vitamin B12.


Q9.Which of the following type of kidney diseases are classified as a sub-standard risk for insurance underwriting?
 Polycystic ​_kidney disease.
 Chronic kidney disease.
 Kidney transplant.
 None of the above.
 All the above.


Q10.If in pregnant women the urinary tract infection is in one or both the kidneys, the infection will be called as __.
 Bladder infection.

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