Q 1.Which of the following is not an example of chronic excessive bleeding?
 Heavy menstrual bleeding.
 Bladder tumors.
 Cancer in the digestive tract.


Q2.An applicant’s financial records indicate that he is continuously in debt and his family expenses are more than income as he is the only earning person of the family, what will be the underwriter’s decision regarding providing insurance cover?
 His application will be accepted for the benefit of his dependents.
His application will be rejected as he will be unable to the premium of the policy.
 His application will be rejected as he has more family members.
His application will be postponed by assuming that he can get increased income in the future.
 His application will be accepted with high ratings.


Q3.Under which diabetic-related complication kidneys can be damaged due to high blood sugar levels?
 Cardiovascular disease.


Q4.Which of the following is not one of the regions of the kidney?
 Renal pelvis.
 None of the above.


Q5.If a person is diagnosed with hypothyroidism and it remains untreated for a long, what other problems he can also face in the future due to this?
 High blood pressure.
 Kidney failure.
 High cholesterol.
 Heart disease.
 None of the above.


Q6.Under which type of reinsurance cover can be provided by the insurance company for the train accidents which lead to multiple deaths at the same time?
 Catastrophe reinsurance.
 Facultative reinsurance.
 Retention limits.
 Travel protection insurance.
 Financial reinsurance.


Q7.The Pulmonary arteries carries the deoxygenated blood to the ___.


Q8.Under which underwriting process, the processing with regard to policy issuance is done either at a regional office or at a branch office of the insurance company?
 Decentralized processing of underwriting.
 Standard processing of underwriting.
 Centralized processing of underwriting.
 Sub-standard processing of underwriting.
 None of the above.


Q9.When An Individual Is Frightened, Which Of The Following Systems Will Cause His Heartbeat To Become Faster
 Parasympathetic Nervous System
 Sympathetic Nervous System
 Central Nervous System
 Sensory Nervous System


Q10.Which factors are taken into consideration for the cases of chronic kidney disease for life insurance underwriting?
 Creatinine clearance measurement.
 History of treatment.
 Blood profile to assess Glomerular Filtration Rate.
 Underlying causes.
 All the above.

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