Q 1.Appeals before the National Commission can be made within ___ days.


Q2.Insurance in India is regulated by Acts passed in which of these years?
 1939 and 1999
 1938 and 1999
 1938 and 1998
 1937 and 1998
 1936 and 1997


Q3.What is a Microinsurance agent generally paid?
 Fixed Salary


Q4.___ has the power to issue regulations specifying the manner of receipt of premium by the insurer.
 Consumer Forums
 National Commission
 Central Government


Q5.To whom shall the amount be payable which is secured by a policy?


Q6.An appeal in National Commission can be made subject to deposit of ___ of the amount awarded or __ which ever is less.
 10% , Rs 35,000
 20% , Rs 35,000
 30% , Rs 35,000
 40% , Rs 35,000
 50% , Rs 35,000


Q7.Who holds a license to act as an insurance agent either for one life insurer or general insurer?
 Composite Insurance Agent
 Insurance Agent
 Insurance Broker
 Corporate Insurance Agent
 Re-insurance Agent


Q8.The policy administrative charges for a ULIP cannot be ___.
 more than 1% per annum
 more than 2% per annum
 more than 3% per annum
 more than 4% per annum
 more than 5% per annum


Q9.When the Insurance Act is silent about any particular feature of transfer of a policy then __ act will be applicable.
 Contract Act
 LIC Act
 Transfer of Property act
 None of above


Q10.If the ULIP top-ups are not linked to sum assured, they will not be subject to any __.
 Financial underwriting norms
 TDS deductions
 Income tax deductions
 Penalties for late payments
 Service charges

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