Q1.In the activity of Money Laundering, criminals try to conceal the true __ and __ of the profits from crime.
 Quantity and quality
 Ownership and objects
 Origin and ownership
 Obsessions and ownership
 Origin and obscenities


Q2.An appeal will lie from the decision of the ____.
 Grievance Redressal Authorities (GRA)
 State Government
 Consumer commission
 Consumer authority


Q3.___ forum consists of President Judge of Supreme Court, members not less than four – one lady member.
 National Commission
 State Commission
 District Forum
 All of the above
 None of the above


Q4.There should be an adjudication fee levied in respect of a claim before the _.
 Consumer group
 Grievance Redressal Authorities
 Consumer authority
 Consumer commission
 Consumer councils


Q5.Which of these is NOT true about IRDAI?
 Eliminates competition in the industry
 Amends various laws related to insurance
 Ensures competence in the industry
Protects the interests of policyholders
 Enforces fair practices in the industry


Q6.Complaints against insurers are usually for which of the point(s) mentioned below?
 Policy lapse claims
 Policy servicing
 All of the above


Q7.Within how many days has the appeal against the order of IAT to be filed?
 10 days
 30 days
 45 days
 60 days
 90 days


Q8.The acts which regulate insurance are amended _____.
 When new schemes enter the market
 When RBI and IRDAI decides
 As and when needed


Q9.When has the ‘Statement of Investment of Controlled Fund (life) , Compliance Report to be submitted?
 Within 15 days, after every quarter
 Within one month, after every quarter
 Within one month, after every quarter
 Within two months, after every quarter
 Within 45 days, after every quarter


Q10.Who shall furnish to the policyholder a written acknowledgment of having registered a nomination?

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