ECIL Computer science model questions with answers|ECIL Previous years Question Papers

ECIL Computer Architecture and Installation

1.8086/88 processor is a

a.8 bit processor

b.16.bit processor

c.32 bit processor

d.62 bit processor

2.The RAM memory capacity in a 8086 is (PC)





3.IRQ1 -Interrupt is used by





4.The system frequency is generated by

a.clock generator

DMA controller



5.The display adapter also give the provision for printer controller is





6.The Turbo switch is used to select the

a. System speed

b. Memory capacity

c. No.of floppy drive

d. Type of display adapter

7 Wait state-can be introduced by


b.DMA wait

c.i/O CH RDY

d.both b & c

8.TIMERO is used to

a.set the date/time

b.generate DMA request for memory return

c.Various tone for speaker


9.DMA channel 2 is used for

a.floppy disk drive

b.hard disk drive

c.clock generator


10.ROM will hold the programs for



c.BASIC intruppter


11 Double density recording in floppy disk is also called as

a. modified frequency modulation

b.frequency modulation frequency modulation


12 The Port used by printer in PC,adressed 378H is

a.COM 1


c.LPT 1

d.LPT 2

13. Type of scanning used in monitor

a.Random access scan

b.shadow mask

c.Raster scan

d.Beam penetration

14 The anlog monitor can be used only by

a.CCG adapter

b.VGA adapter



15 The information for underlining a character while displaying is stored in


b.Character generator ROM

c.Video RAM


16 If the power good signal in SMPS is low

a.System reset

b.system works

c.system in wait

d.system failure

17. +12V in SMPS is used for

a.floppy disk drive

b.dynamic memeory refresh I/o port RS 232C

d.mother board

18. In POST audio error code 1 long beep and two short beeps will be produced when

a.power supply failure

b.mother baord failure

c.FDC failiure adapter card failure

19 The eror code 601 stands for

a.HDC failure

b.RAM failure

c.FDC failure


20. OSC frequency is

24 MHZ



d.14.61 MHZ

21. Switch 2 in Mode swith informs about

a.the number of drive

b.type of dispaly adapter.

c.presence of co-processor


22 Logic probe is used to test the digital signals status low high



23 The power line problem in under voltage is called




24low regulationIsolation transformers is used to avoid

a spikes

b.block out

c.brown out


25 In servo Stablizer the boost buck circuit is selected by

a.relay switch


c.Steppe motor


26 The type of flat panel monitor is

a.shadow mask CRT

b.beam benetration type

c.plasma panel


27. ——–is an impact type printer

a.Laser printer

ink jet

c.Dot matrix

d.Bubble jet

28. Frame buffer also called as

a.buffer RAM RAM

c.character generator’


29.Popular Locator device is

a Mouse

b.Flat bed plotter


d.Laser printer

30 Conversion of digital to analog in monitor is done by

a.CRT controller


c.Shift regular

ECIL Electronics and Electrical papers
ECIL Previous Paper – Electronics and Electrical

1. When a inductive coil connected to a 200 V, 50Hz ac supply with 10A current flowing through it dissipates 1000 watts then which of the following will have least value in ohms-
a.) Resistance
b.) Reactance
c.) Impedance
d.) None

2.Oscillator crystal are made of ?
a.) Silicon
b.) Germanium
c.) Quartz
d.) None

3. For small size, high frequency coils, the most common core material is-
a. )Air
b. )Ferrite
c.) Powdered ion
d.) Steel

4.If we have a parallel plate capacitor of plate area ?A? and plate separatoin t and having a capacity C and a metallic plate r of area A and of negligible thickness is introduced in thecapacitor at a distance from either of the two plates as shown in the given figure then the capacity of the capacitor will become ?
b.) C
c.) 2C
d.) 4C

5.A superconductor is a ?
a.) A material showing perfect conductivity and Meissner effect below a critical temperature
b.) A conductor having zero resistance
c.) A perfect conductor with highest di-magnetic susceptibility
d.) A perfect conductor which becomes resistance when the current density through it exceeds a critical value

6.When an inductor tunes at 200 KHz with 624 pF capacitor and at 600 KHz with 60.4 pF capacitor then the self capacitance of the inductor would be ?
a) 8.05 pF
b) 10.05pF
c.) 16.01pF
d.) 20.01pF

7.Sparking occur when a load is switched off because the circuit has high ?
a.) Inductance
b.) Capacitance
c.) Resistance
d.) None

8.Sparking between contacts can be reduced by inserting a ?
a.) Resistance in the line
b.) Capacitor in series with contacts
c.) Capacitor in parallel with contacts
d.) None

9.RF amplifier of an A.M. receiver is normally biased in ?
a.) Class ?A?
b.) Class ?b?
c.) Class ?C?
d.) None

10.The value of gate voltage for the operation of enhancement of only N channel MOSFET has to be ?
a.) High positive
b.) High negative
c.) Low positive
d.) Zero

11.The input gate current of a FET is ?
a.) a few microamperes
b.) negligibly small
c.) a few milliamperes
d.) a few amperes

12.In the following fig. with R = 30k, the value of current through 2 K resistor is ?
a.) 25 mA
b.) 40 mA
c.) 25/16 mA
d.) 10 mA

13.A step recovery diode ?
a.) has on extremely short recovery time
b.) conducts equally well in both directions
c.) is mainly used as a harmonic generator
d.) is an ideal rectifiers of high frequency signals

14.In order to get maximum undistorted output signal from CE amplifier with VCC 10V, the value of VCE (Q) should be approximately-
a.) 0.1V
b.) 5V
c.) 10V
d) V

15.In a FET the electrode, which corresponds to collector in bipolar transistor, is ?
a.) source
b.) drain
c.) gate
d.) none

16.The device which acts like an NPN and a PNP transistor connected base to base and emitter to collector is ?
a.) Triac
b.) UJT
c.) Diac
d.) SCR

17.A typical optical fibre has ?
a.) High refractive index core and low refractive index cladding
b.) Low refractive index core and high refractive index cladding
c.) Both a and b
d.) None

18.In the following figure circuit diagram of an op-amp based is shown. The ratio is equal to ?
a.) 9
b.) 11
c.) 10
d.) 21

19.When a loud speaker is connected across the terminals A and B of the network shown in the fig. then its impedance to obtain maximum power dissipation in it will be ?
a.) 3 ? j1
b.) 3 + j9
c.) 7.5 + j 2.5
d.) 7.5 ? j 2.5

20.In the lattice network, the value of R for the maximum power transfer to the load ?
a.) 5
b.) 6.5
c.) 8
d.) 9

21.For a lossy transmission line short circuited at the receiving end, the input impedance is given by (Z0 is the characteristic impedance, ?is the propagation constant and l is the length of the line-
a.) Z0 cot h ?b.) Z0 cot ?c.) Z0 tan h.?ld.) Z0 tan ?

22.The approximate thickness of the radome wall should be ?
a.) l
b.) l/4
c.) l/2
d.) l/8

23.A relatively permanent information is stored in
a. ) ROM
b.) RAM
c.) PROM
d.) Volatile memory

24.The rise time of the RC network shown in the given figure is approximately equal to ?
b.) RC
c.) 2RC
d.) 4RC

25.If in the network shown in the fig. initially a steady state is attained by closing the switch ?s? and then if the switch is opened at t = 0, then thecurrent i(t) through the inductor will be ?
a.) cos50tA
b.) 2A
c.) 2cos100tA
d.) 2sin50tA

26.When the p network of figure ? I and T-network of figure ? II are equivalent then the values of R1, R2 and R3 will be respectively ?
a) 9W, 6W and 6W
b.) 6W, 6W and 9W
c.) 9W, 6W and 9W
d.) 6W, 9W and 6W

27.When the impedance matrices of a two port networks are given by and , then if these two networks are connected in series then the impedance matrix of the resulting two-port network will be ?

28.Joule/coulomb is the unit of –
a.) Electric field potential
b.) Potential
c .) Charge
d.) None of the above

29.The electric field line and equipotential lines-
a.) Are parallel to each other
b.)Are one and same
c.) Cut each other orthogonally
d.)Can be inclined to each other at any angle

30.For a lossy transmission line short circuited at the receiving end, the input impedance is given by (When Z0 is the characteristic impendence g is the propagation constant and L is the length of the line

31.When two equal positive point charges are placed along X- axis at X1 and ?X1 respectively then the electric field vector at a point P on the positive Y-axis will be directed-
a.) In the +x direction
b.) In the ?x direction
c. ) In the +y direction
d.) In the ?y direction

32.The directions of and in TEM mode transmission line with respect to the direction of propagation are-
a.) Both and are transverse to the direction of propagation
b.) is and are transverse and h has a component in the direction of propagation
c.) is entirely transverse and has a component in the direction of propagation
d. ) is entirely transverse and has a component in the direction of propagation

33.The lowest TM mode in a rectangular waveguide of cross ?section a x b with a>b will be-
a.) TM01
c.) TM112

34.When a transmitter in a free space radiates a mean power of ?p? watts uniformly in all directions then at a distance d sufficiently far from the source in plane the electric field E should be related to p and d as ?

35.When a dipole antenna was radiating with some excitation in free space radiating a certain amount of the power v if then this antenna is immersed in a lake where water is non-dissipative but has a dielectric constant of 81, then the radiated power with the same excitation will be
a.) Decrease to finite non-zero value
b.)Remain the same
c. )Increase
d.)Decrease to zero

36.When a (75 ? j40)W load is connected to a coaxial line of Z0 = 75 W at 6MHz then the load matching on the line can be accomplished by connecting-
a.) A short ? circuited stub at the load
b.)An inductance at the load
c. )A short circuited stub at a specific distance from the load
d.)none of the above

37.As compared to analog multimeters, digital multimeters are ?
a.) less accurate
b.) more accurate
c.) equally accurate
d.) none.

38.When a signal of 10 mV at 75 MHz is to be measured then which of the following instruments can be used ?
a.) VTVM
b.) Cathode ray oscilloscope
c.) Moving iron voltmeter
d.) Digital multimeter

39.Which of the following statement is true about two wattmeter method for power measurement in three phase current ?
a.) power can be measured using two wattmeter method only for star connected three phase circuits.
b.) when two meter show indentical readings, in the power factor is 0.5.
c.) when power factor is unit, one of the wattmeter reads zero
d.) when the reading of the two wattmeters are equal but of opposite sign, then the power factor is zero ?

40.When a capacitance transducer has two plates of area 5cm2 each, separated by an air gap of 2mm than the displacement sensitivity in pf/cm due to gap change would be ?
a.) 11.1
b.) 44.2
c.) 52.3
d.) 66.3

41.The Q of a radio coil ?
a.) is independent of frequency
b.) increases monotonically as frequency increases
c.) decreases monotonically as frequency increases
d.) increases upto a certain frequency and then decreases beyond that frequency

42.When a generator of internal impedance and operating at 1GHz feeds a load via a coaxial line of characteristic impedance 50 ohm then the voltage wave ratio on the feed line is ?
a.) 0.5
b.) 1.5
c.) 2.5
d.) 1.75

43.The coding system typically used in digital telemetry is ?
a.) PPM (pulse position modulation)
b.) PAM (pulse amplitude modulation)
c.) PCM (pulse code modulation)
d.) PDM (pulse duration modulation)

44.Radiation pyrometers are used for the measurement of temperature in the range of ?
a.) -2000C to 5000C
b.) 00C to 5000C
c.) 5000C to 12000C
d.) 12000C to 25000C

45.In the given figure band structure is shown. It is of ?
a.) Gallium Avesenide (GaAs)
b.) Silicon (Si)
c.) Copper (Cu)
d.) Germanium (Ge)

46.When anode is positive with respect to cathode in an SCR, the numbers of blocked p-n junction is ?
a.) 1
b.) 2
c.) 3
d.) 4

47.The circuit symbol for a GTO is

48 The transfer function of an amplifier is given by The high 3-db frequency of the amplifier will approximately
a.) 5850 KHZ
b.)585 KHZ
c.) 5850 HZ

49.In comparison to full wave rectifier with two diodes the four divide bridge rectifier has the dominant advantage of –
a). Higher current carrying
b.)Lower ripple factor
c.) Higher efficiency
d.)Lower peak increase voltage require

50Power output increase in a class-c amplifier-
a.) If the conduction angle decrease
b).If the conduction angle increase
c.) Are not governed by the conduction angle
d.)None of the above

51A transistor with hie = 1.5 k and hfe = 75 is used in an emitter follower circuit where R1 and R2 are used for normal biasing . Approximate value of it?s current amplification is-
52 Amplifier of class B has high theoretical efficiency of 78.5 percent because-
a.) It is biased almost to saturation
b.)Its quiescent current is low
c.)It?s output is an exact replica of it?s input
d.)It is biased well below cut off

53 The coupling that produces minimum interference with frequency response is-
a.) Direct coupling
b.)Impedance coupling
c.) R C coupling
d.)Transformer coupling

54In the circuit shown in the given figure Rf provides
a.) Current series feedback
b.)Current shunt feedback
c.) Voltage series feedback
d.)Voltage shunt feedback

55Data in the serial form can be converted into parallel form by using ?
a.) PISO shift register
b.) SOIP shift register
c.) SIPO shift register
d.) POIS shift register

The subjects you need to prepare are:
2. Microwave & waveguide
3. Digital ckt
4.Network analysis
5. Control system- 2 or 3 questions
6.Electronic device and circuits- basic

So remember only few questions, Iam posting here:-

1.From RADAR, PRF frequency given,we have to find maximum usable range .
2. From RADAR,time taken is given we have to find Range of RADAR.
3.Microwave oven works on wich concept:
a) TWT & Induction heating b)Dielectric Heating

4.Which Diaode is made from metal: Schottky diode

5.Find steady state error Ess for ramp input and 1st order system 1/(1+sT).

6.Find DC gain of 1/s(s+1)(s+2).

7. What is the disadvantage of FM: complex circuitry.

8. B(beta) ray consist of:
a) proton b)photon c) neutron d)electron

9.Waveguide bahaves as:
a)HPF b) LPF c)BPF d)BSF

10.Bolometer is used to measure:
a)voltage b) microwave power c) VSWR d) microwave loss
ans:b) microwave power

11.Routing can do in which layer:
a) network layer b) transport layer c)datalink layer d) physical layer
ans:a) network layer

int p, q;
p=5, q=6;
value of p & q is respectively
ans: p=6 & q=6

13.If size of available memory chip is 8K bytes then to get a memory size havind 12 address & 4 data line, how many available chip is required:
a)2 b)4 c) 8 D) 16

14. Which Theorem or effect is related to cooling:
a) Seeback b) Peltier C) Thomson d) Faraday
ans:b) Peltier

15.Principle of optical fibre is:
a) Total internal reflection b) core cladding interface
ans: a) total internal reflection

16.One question is from zener diode ckt.

17.One question from simple pn diode ckt.

18.JFET linear region occurs where gate voltage is:
a) forward biased b) reverse biased c) either forward or reverse biased d) unbiased

19.One question from memory size and address line related.

20. Find gain of anteena in DB, if area of aperture is given.

21. Two questions from transistor ckt, B(beta) and Vbe given, we have to find Vce and Current.. diagram was given.

22.Two- three questions from ADC & DAC , related to resolution & all.

23.In 4 bit Successive aproximation method, for b1=0, what should be the input combination:
a)8,9 b)1,2 c)4,6 d)2,4

24.Two very simple question from OPAMP based on virtual groud concept, .

25. If one input of EX-Or gate is Vcc and other is A. then what would be the output.

26. 2-3 very easy question from Digital ckt.

27. Find reflection coefficient , when ZL & Zo given.Formula based.

28. One question from network ckt based on balanced wheatstone bridge concept.

29. Two more question from network circuit based on simple current & voltage division and basic netwrk theorems.
All the best.

ECIL Written Test Paper

Placement paper of ECIL| Written Test Examination Questions with answers of ECIL -Electrical and Electronics question with answers
1.Microwave devices are best analyzed using ??
a) h-parameter

2.Bolometer is used to measure..?

3.Routing occurs in which layer..?
a) Network
b)transport etc.

4.Beta rays are made up of
d) protons

5.Light propagation in optical fibre uses total internal reflection
a)core-cladding interface
b)outer surface of claddin

6.Problems on opamp, one was find the V0 in the given non inverting configuration and other was summing ckt.

7.One problem on noise figure?? Given noise factor=3 (SNR)output=10dB find (SNR)input in dB

8.Power gain was given find voltage gain

9.Thermo electric cooling is based on??
Ans. Peltier effect

10.ZL and Z0 given find reflection coefficient

11.Gain of parabolic reflector antenna?..given frequency and aperture area

12.Laplace of coswt

13.Problem on successive approximation type adc

14.Resolution of adc

15.Given a four bit DAC, in which the bit b1 (b3 b2 b1 b0)next to LSB is freeze to 0 ,then which two date bits will result in the same output
16.G(s) given, find dc gain k

17.Zener ckt problem, find output voltage

18.Noise margin expression

19.No. of 8k*8bit memory chips require for 12 address lines

20.Memory interfacing problem ending address given find the starting address

21.For JFET to operate in linear region Vgs should be..?

22.Voltmeter full scale deviation is 1000v for internal resistance 10k. what resistance to be add so that the full scale deviation wil be increase to 5000v ..?

23.Two emf 1.5 v each having internal resistance 0.3ohm and 0.6ohm are connected in parallel to a load 0.8ohm. find total power dissipated

24Find circuit through a resistor?.given ckt. Superposition theorem

25Major Disadvantages of FM is..?

26.Special diode made up of metal and semiconductor..? Schottkey

27.When two no. are multiplied in 2?s compliment form the answer will always in between..?
a)0 to 255
b)-255 to 0
c)-56 to
d) -64 to 56

28.Microwave owen consist of
a) TWT and induction heating
b)Magnetron and dielevtric heating

29.Mobility of electron?.?
a)increases with temperature
b)decreases with temperature
c)independent of temperature
d)increases as square of temperature

30.Problem on PRF radar

31Waveguide acts as a ??
A)low pass filter
b)band pass filter
c)band pass
d)band reject

32.Simple c program p=5 q=6, p=q &q=p, find p=? q=?

33Transfer function is given = 1/(1+sT) find steady state error for ramp input.
a)0 b)infinity c)T/2 d)T

34.Find Wn given C(s) and zeta value

35.Simple analog problem involving Vce and B of npn transistor in common emitter

36.Emitter follower is?.a)unity gain amplifier
v\:* {behavior:url(#default#VML);} o\:* {behavior:url(#default#VML);} w\:* {behavior:url(#default#VML);} .shape {behavior:url(#default#VML);}
Hi Friends,
I’m Ravi Prakash Mishra, attempt ECIL December, 2010 (CSIT) entrance Exam. They gave paper in one section. In this section consists of 50 questions (C, C++, php, networking, Micro Processors (8085, 8086), Data communications, computer organization, digital electronics, all fundamentals)

They mainly concentrate on fundamentals. They are asking the question on Boolean Functions, In networking ask MAX addresses and basic definitions

In C the questions are very easy. They gave programs part. read test your C skills (Y.K.) No English, No aptitude, No Reasoning, only Technical.

Fill in the blanks with suitable answer. All questions are very easy 2 answer.
Sorry friend I remembered only 22 questions but you read all fundamentals

I’m waiting for result.

All the best friends! Ravi Prakash Mishra

1. Suppose the time to service a page fault is on the average 10 milliseconds, while a memory access takes 1 microsecond. Then a 99.99% hit ratio results in average memory access time of.
(a) 1.9999 milliseconds
(b) 1 millisecond
(c) 9.999 microseconds
(d) 1.9999 microseconds

Answer: (d)

2 Linked lists are not suitable for which of the following problems?
(a) Insertion sort (b) Binary search (c) Radix sort (d) Polynomial manipulation


3. void main() { char x=323;
printf(“%d %c”,x,x);
Answer: 67C

4. void main() { Float x=23.45,y=32.45; If(x=y) printf(“yes both are equal”); Else printf(“no both are equal ”); getchar(); } Answer: yes both are equal

5. void main()
{ int x=25; if(!!x) printf(“%d”,!x); else printf(“%d”,x); getchar(); } Answer: 0
6. What does TNS stand for?

Answer: Transparent Network Substrate
7. What are the differences between 8085 and 8006 microprocessor?

8. How many minimum number of NAND gates are required to realise OR gates?

(1) 3 (2) 1 (3) 2 (4) 5 Answer: 3
9. How many minimum node required for a B+ tree

10. Postorder traversal of a given binary search tree,T produces the following sequence of the keys 10,9,23,22,27,25,15,50,95,60,40,29 which of the following sequence of keys can be the result of the indore transversal of the tree T? (a)9,10,15,22,23,25,27,29,40,50,60,95 (b)9,10,15,22,40,50,60,95,23,25,27,29 (c)29,15,9,10,25,22,23,27,40,60,50,95 (d)95,50,60,40,27,23,22,25,10,9,15,29
11. Consider an operating system capable of loading and executing a single sequential user process at a time.The disk head scheduling algorithm used is First Come First Serve (FCFS).If FCFS is repladced by Shortes Seek Time First (SSTF),claimed by the vendor to give 50% better benchmark results,what is the expected improvement in the I/O performance of user programs? (a)50% (b)40% (c)25% (d)0%
12. B+ Trees and B Trees use a “fill factor” to control the growth and the shrinkage. A 50% fill factor would be the minimum for any B+ or B tree. As our example we use the smallest page structure. This means that our B+ tree conforms to the following guidelines.

Answer: Minimum Keys in each page 2
13. A clock signal with a period of 1’s is applied to the input of an enable gate. The output must contain six pulses. How long must the enable pulse be active?

Enable must be active for 0 s.
Enable must be active for 3 s.
Enable must be active for 6 s.

Enable must be active for 12 s.
14. Which one the first interact with the machine in microprocessor

(1) assemblers, (2) loaders, (3) linkers, (4) interpreters
15. Class A ip address is & class B ip address is then find out max ip address

16. How many maximum ip address for a class A (1) 2128 (2)1024 (3) 2048 (4)none of them
Answer: 2128

17. Which gate use for always on condition at the place of square. (1) NAND (2) OR (3) XOR (3) NOT
18. Polymorphism used for

(1) Access through object (2) more from represent within one from (3) prosperity access to the another class (4) none of them Answer: More from represent within one from. 19. Instruction used for (1) Compilation (2) System call (3) Access any operation (4) None of them
Answer 3 20. Fork () used for
(1) Compilation (2) Accessing (3) Created a process (4) None of them

Answer: 3 21. In a database 120 student present with in 8 table if both join with a natural join the maximum possibility to joint is (not full remember) (1) 8, 8 (2) 920, 8 (3) 120, 8 (4) 360, 8 22. In PHP data based use for (options not remember) (1) Mysql_ Quarry (2) Mysql- Quarry (3) MysqlQuarry (4) My Quarry _sql

get exam of

ECIL electronics and electricsl,Computer Science Questions
1.In Cyclic redundancy checking, what is the CRC?
d Remainder

2.The Hamming distance between 100 and 001??

3.In case of Go-Back-N ARQ protocol, for 10 data packets sent, _____________acknowledgments may be received. (Circle the right answer.)
c. exactly 10
d. all of the above

4.Isotopes contains
a.Equal number of protons
b.Equal number of neutrons
c.Equal number of nucleons
d.Equal number of protons and neutrons

5.Rectifers are used to
a.Convert AC to DC

6.If you need to show the physical relationship between software components and the hardware in the delivered system, which diagram can you use?
Ans. Deployment diagram

7.Suppose the time to service a page fault is on the average 10 milliseconds, while a memory access takes 1 microsecond. Then a 99.99% hit ratio results in average memory access time of
a. 1.9999 milliseconds
b. 1 millisecond
c. 9.999 microseconds
d. 1.9999 microseconds

8.The length of address size of IPV4 and IPV6
Ans. 4 and 16 bytes

9.Stack – LIFO

10.Which of the following range is a valid long double?
Ans. 3.4E-4932 to 1.1E+4932

11.If we want to round off x, a float , to an int value, then the correct way to do is
Ans. y=(int)(x+0.5)

12.Which of the following statement obtains the remainder on dividing 3.14 by 2.1?
a.rem= (3.14 % 2.1)
b.rem = modf(3.14,2.1)
c.rem = fmod(3.14,2.1)

13.Which classes allow primitive datatypes to be accessed as an object?
Ans. Wrapper classes

14.How many times the “for” loop will be executed for the following code??
int i=5;
Ans. for loop will executed for infinite times

15.What will be the output for the following code?
func(int x, int y, int z);
int x=`10,y=3;
printf(“%d %d”,x,y);
Ans: 10 3

16.How can the following two statements can be combined??
char *p;
ans: char *p=(char*)malloc(1000);

17. How a destructor is represented??
Ans: ~X(){}

18.Which of the following is not used as IPC mechanism??
a.Semaphore b .

19.Which is not the feature of transport layer??
Ans: routing

20.Which of the following are non-linear systems??
a.Low pass filter
d.All the above

21.Which operator is used t=for turning off a bit to a number?
a. operator
ECIL Whole Test Paper
ECIL Placement Paper
ECIL Technical and Aptitude Questions:

1The chemical bond in germanium crystal is
d)Vaan der Walls

2.A ball is thrown upward in vacuum at 49m/sec. The time taken by the ball to reach the highest point isa)2.5 seconds
7.5 seconds
c)5 seconds-Ans
d)15 seconds

3.The majority charge carriers in p-type semiconductors are
c)both electrons and holes
d)None of these

4.A body is projected at angle with the horizontal time of flight is given by
a)usin?/gb)24sin?/3gc)2usin?/g-Ansd)42sin?/2g5. If the distance between two masses be doubled the gravitational force of attraction between them will be
b)four times

6. The ratio the length and breadth of a rectangle is 4:3 The area of the rectangle is 193cm2What will be its perimetera)56cm
b)46 cm

7.A force provides an acceleration of 0.5/m/sec to a body of mass 2 kg. what acceleration will it produce when acting on a body of mass 10 kg?a)0.1m/sec-Ans

8. The cathode rays are

a)streams of electrons-Ans
b)streams of positively charged particles
c)streams of neutral particles
d)electromagnetic waves

9In the most popular abbreviation in the field of banking sectors CBS the letter C stands for


10.Which group of inhabitants is targeted to be connected by seasonal roads during 2008-09?
a)Population of 1000 to 2000
b)Population of 5000 to 10000
c)Population of 500 to 100-Ans
d)Population of 2500 to 5000

11. which of the following economists has been conferred with Nobel Prize
b)Amrty Sen
d)R Lingswsamy

12. In notation,http stands for
d)Set of rules-Ans

13.During a period of time you see so many websites and pages exhibited by
a)status bar
b)history bar
c)task bar-Ans
d)tool bar

14. where does the digestive and respiratory routes encroach each other
b)Food canal
c)respiratory tube
d)Vocal cord

15.The state government gets maximum revenue form
a)sales tax-Ans
b)corporate tax
c)excise tax
d)custom duty

16 On internet in no charge the repair of generally known software bug is called

17. Maria sharpova won Australian Opne Tennis-2008 by defeating
a)Victoria Azarenka
b)Alona Bondarenko
c)Ana Ivanovic-Ans
d)Kateryna Bondarenko

18. The planning commission of India has formed 12 members financial; sectors The chairman of the committee is
a)Janaki Raman-Ans
b)Raksesh Mohan
c)Raghuram Rajan
d)KV Kamth

19) The thickness of troposphere can increase during

d)None of these

20 the lightest gas in the atmosphere is
d)None of these

21 White phrospherous is stored in
b)supphuric acid

22 Find the least number by which 8640 is divided and the quotient obtained becomes a perfect cube

23evaluate (-216*1728)1/3

24whihc of the following features provisions did the framers of India constitution take form the US constitution
a)judicial review
b)fundamental rights
c)Removal of the Judges of Supreme court

d)All the above-Ans

25 The golden period of India culture was during
a)Rajput period
b)Gupta period-Ans
c)Chola period
d)Maurya period

26. Artifical dialysis is used in the form of
a)liver substitution
b)intestine substitution
c)kidney substitution-Ans
d)abdomen substitution


28 If (25)*3 =(125)2*-3, then x is equal to

29 9×2-24xy+16y2/3x-4y=?

30 When polynomial x4-3×2+2x+5 is divided by (x-1) the remainder is
31 what will be the ratio f amount and the principl in n years at 5%p.a rate of compound interest?

32 A freely suspended bar magnet always remains in the direction
d)not certain

33 Directions (Qns.33 to 37) Choose the correct synonyms of each of the following words at questions places

34. Feeble




38.The angle subtended at the center of circle by a major are will be
a)right angle
b)acute angle
c)obtuse angle-Ans
d)complementary angle

39A body dropped from a tower with zero velocity reaches the ground in 4 seconds. The hiehgt of the tower is about
a)80 m -Ans
b)20 m

40Aman in a train moving with a constant velocity drops a abll on the platform. The path of the ball as seen by an observer standing on the platform is a)straight line
b)a circle
c)a parabola-Ans
d)none of these

41Who among the following economists has done pioneering work on national income?
a)Jagdish Bhagwati
b)ML Seth
c)Amartya Sen
d)VKRV Rao-Ans

42 Monopoly means
a)single buyer
b)many sellers
c)single seller-Ans
d)many buyers

43Who introduced the silver coin called Taka or Rupia
a)sher Shah Suri-Ans

44 What is the International Date Line?
c)90 degree East Longitude
d)180 degree Longitude -Ans

45.The lines joining places experiencing a thunder stream at the same time is known asa)ishohyers

46 when a metal is heated its resistance
c)may increase or decrease
d)remains constant

47The resistance of a wire of length 20 cm is 5?.It is stretched uniformly to a length of 40 cm.The resistance now becomes.
a)5 ?

48 Which among the following countries is NOT a permanent member of UN Security council?
a)The US
b)The UK

48 Which among the following is an air-to ground missile?

49The profit earned after selling an article for Rs.878 is the same as loss incurred after selling the article for Rs. 636. What is the cost price of the article?

50Which of the following is NOT a Navratna PSU
c)NTPCeir ages will be 3:4
d)Bank of India-Ans

51 The ages of Khushi and Jagriti are in the ratio of 5:8 After 8 years the ratio of their ages will be 3:4What is the difference in their ages
a)16 years
b)8 years
c)6 years-Ans
d)10 years

52 In how many different ways can the letters of the word ?PUNCTUAL?be arranged?

53Mohan decides to attend to some urgent work on a particular day in the month of august 2008. What is the probability that the day chosen by Mohan to attend to his work is Saturday?

54 While selling a watch a shopkeeper gives a discount of 20% he earns Rs.51 less as profit What is the original price of the watch?

56 The length breadth and height of a school auditorium are 10m,30m, and 10m respectively The density of air is 1.3 kg per cubic metre, the mass of the air inside the auditorium
a)39 kg

57 The mushroom which we eat as vegetable is a /an

58If the numerator of a fraction is increased by 300% and the denominator is increased by 500%,t he resulton is 5/12 What was the original fraction?
a)5/8 -Ans
b)5/11 c)12/5

59 12 men and do a piece of work in 10 days. How many men would be required to do the same work in 8 days?

60 Monazire is an ore of

61The God of the Konark temple in Orissa is

62 In the following the spice obtained from the root is
d)None of these

63The first woman Prime Minister in the world was
a)Indira Gandhi
c)Arunthaty Rai

64The model of DNA structure was propounded by
Watson and Crick

65 Vitamin E is chiefly found in
c)germinated grains-Ans
d)oil of liver of fishes

66 Which article of the Indian constitution directs the state government to form a Village Panchayath
a)Article 40-Ans
b)Article 32
d)Article 78

67Whihc of the following Grand Slams is played on grass courts?
a)French Open
b)Wimbledon Opne-Ans
c)US Open

68 Which of the following medicines is used in the treatment of typhoid?

69 Urea is
a)sodium fertilizer
b)Phosphorous fertilizer
c)potassium fertilizer
d)nitrogen fertilizer-Ans

70 Archipelago is a

71 For photosynthesis energy is obtained from

72 We see before actual sunrise or after sunset due to

73 Who started the Saka era?
d)None of these

74 A sector of a circle subtending angle 36 degree has an 3.85cm2.The length of the arc is
d)None of these

75 The dimension of energy are ML2T2

76 The vector quantity is _work

77Themaximum number of electrons in the second orbit of an element is -8

78 Saina Nehwal is related to-Badminton

79Dolomite is an ore of magnesium

80 The permeability in free space is equal to -4?10-7wb/Am

ECIL Graduate Engineer Trainee Exam Model Question Papers 2012:

ECIL Written Questions based on Engineering subjects for upcoming GET Exam

1.The current I in the given network.
a) 1A

b) 3A

c) 5A

d) 7A

2.For the Delta- Wye transformation in given figure, the value of the resistance R is.
a) 1/3 ohms

b) 2/3 ohms

c) 3/2 ohms

d) 3 ohms

3.In the given network, the Thevenin?s equivalent as seen by the load resistance Rl is
a) V=10 V, R= 2ohms

b) V=10V, R=3 ohms

c) V=15V, R= 2ohms

d) V=15V, R=3 ohms

4.The current I in a series R-L circuit with R=10 ohms and L=20mH is given by i=2sin500t A. If v is the voltage across the R-L combination then i
a) lags v by 45 degree

b) is in-phase with v

c) leads v by 45

d) lags v by 90

5.In thr given network, the mesh current I and the input impedance seen by the 50 V source, respectively, are
a) 125/13 A and 11/8 ohms

b) 150/13 A and 13/8 ohms

c) 150/13 A and 11/8 ohms

d) 125/13 A and 13/8 ohms

6.A voltage sourcehaving a source impedance Z = R + jX can deliver maximum Average power to a load impedance Z, when
a) Z = R + jX

b) Z = R

c) Z = jX

d) Z = R ?jX

7.In the given circuit, the switch S is closed at t=0. Assuming that there is no initial Charge in the capacitor, the current i(t) for t>0 is
a) V/R e^ (-2t/RC)

b) V/R e^ (-t/RC)

c) V/2R e^ (-2t/RC)

d) V/2R e^ (-t/RC)

8.For the circuit in given figure, if e(t) is a ramp signal, the steady state value of the Output voltage v(t) is
a) 0

b) LC

c) R/L

d) RC

9.For the series RLC circuit in given figure, if w=1000 rad/sec, then the current I (in Amperes) is
a) 2 ?-15

b) 2 ?15

c) ?2?-15

d) ?2?15

10.The Y-parameter matrix (mA/V) of the two-port given network is
a) [2 -1 -1 2]

b) [2 1 -1 2]

c) [1 -2 -1 2]

d) [2 1 1 2]

11.The maximum number of trees of the given graph is
a) 16

b) 25

c) 100

d) 125

12.Given figure shows a graph and one of its trees. Corresponding to the tree, the group of branches that CAN NOT constitute a fundamental cut set is
a) 1,2,3

b) 1,4,6,8,3

c) 5,6,8,3

d) 4,6,7,3

13.The Y-parameter matrix of a network is given by Y=[1 1 -1 1] A/V. The Z11 parameter of the same network is
a) ½ ohms

b) 1/?2 ohms

c) 1 ohms

d) 2 ohms

14.For the given circuit, the switch was kept closed for a long time before opening it at t=0. The voltage v(0+) is
a) -10 V

b) -1 V

c) 0V

d) 10 V

15.The input impedance of a series RLC circuit operating at frequency W=?2w, w being the resonant frequency, is
a) R-j(wL/?2) ohms

b) R+j(wL/?2) ohms

c) R-j?2wL ohms

d) R-j?2wL ohms

16.The threshold voltage V is negative for
a) an n-channel enhancement MOSFET

b) an n-channel depletion MOSFET

c) an p-channel depletion MOSFET

d) an p-channel JFET

17.At a given temperature, a semiconductor with intrinsic carrier concentration ni= 10 ^ 16 / m^3 is doped with a donor dopant of concentration Nd = 10 ^ 26 /m^3. Temperature remaining the same, the hole concentration in the doped semiconductor is
a) 10 ^ 26 /m^3

b) 10 ^ 16 /m^3

c) 10 ^ 14 /m^3

d) 10 ^ 6 /m^3}

18.At room temperature, the diffusion and drift constants for holes in a P-type semiconductor were measured to be Dp = 10 cm^2/s and µp = 1200 cm^2/V-s, respectively. If the diffusion constant of electrons in an N-type semiconductor at the same temperature is Dn = 20 cm^2/s, the drift constant for electrons in it is (
a) µn = 2400 cm^2/V-s

b) µn = 1200 cm^2/V-s

c) µn = 1000 cm^2/V-s

d) µn = 600 cm^2/V-s

19.A common LED is made up of
a) intrinsic semiconductor

b) direct semiconductor

c) degenerate semiconductor

d) indirect semiconductor

20.When operating as a voltage regulator, the breakdown in a Zener diode occurs due to the
a) tunneling effect

b) avalanche breakdown

c) impact ionization

d) excess heating of the junction.

21.If the common base DC current gain of a BJT is 0.98, its common emitter DC current gain is
a) 51

b) 49

c) 1

d) 0.02

22.Negative resistance characteristics is exhibited by a
a) Zener diode

b) Schottky diode

c) photo diode

d) Tunnel diode

23.Let En and Ep, respectively, represent the effective Fermi levels for electrons and holes during current conduction in a semiconductor. For lasing to occur in a P-N junction of band-gap energy 1.2 eV, (En ? Ep) should be
a) greater than 1.2eV

b) less than 1.2eV

c) equal to 1.1eV

d) equal to 0.7eV

24.In a P-well fabrication process, the substrate is
a) N-type semiconductor and is used to build P-channel MOSFET
b) P-type semiconductor and is used to build P-channel MOSFET
c) N-type semiconductor and is used to build N-channel MOSFET
d) P-type semiconductor and is used to build N-channel MOSFET
25.In a MOS capacitor with n-type silicon substrate, the Fermi potential ¢ = -0.41 V and the flat-band voltage Vfb = 0V. The value of the threshold voltage Vt is
a) -0.82 V

b) -0.41 V

c) 0.41 V

d) 0.82

Refer given figure for question 26 and 27. Assume D1 and D2 to be ideal diodes.
26.Which one of the following statements is true?
a) Both D1 and D2 are ON.
b) Both D1 and D2 are OFF.
c) D1 is ON and D2 is OFF.
d) D2 is ON and D1 is OFF.

27.Values of Vo and I, respectively, are
a) 2V and 1.1 mA

b) 0V and 0 mA

c) -2V and 0.7 mA

d) 4V and 1.3 mA

28.In a BJT CASCODE pair, a
a) common emitter follows a common base
b) common base follows a common collector
c) common collector follows a common base
d) common base follows a common emitter

29.Inside a 741 op-amp, the last functional block is a
a) differential amplifier

b) level shifter

c) class-A power amplifier

d) class-AB power amplifier

30.For the MOSFET in the given circuit, the threshold voltage Vt = 0.5V, the process parameter KP = 150 µA/V^2 and W/L = 10. The values of Vd and Id, respectively, are
a) Vd = 4.5 V and Id = 1 mA
b) Vd = 4.5 V and Id = 0.5 mA
c) Vd = 4.8 V and Id = 0.4 mA
d) Vd = 6 V and Id = 0 mA

31.A negative feedback is applied to an amplifier with the feedback voltage proportional to the output current. This feedback increases the
a) input impedance of the amplifier

b) output impedance of the amplifier

c) distortion in the amplifier

d) gain of the amplifier

32.The early effect in a BJT is modeled by the small signal parameter
a) r0

b) r?

c) gm

d) ?

33.For a given filter order, which one of the following type of filters has the least amount of ripple both in pass-band and stop-band?
a) Chebyshev type I

b) Bessel

c) Chebyshev type II

d) Elliptic
34.For a practical feedback circuit to have sustained oscillation, the most appropriate value of the loop gain T is
a) 1

b) -1

c) -1.02

d) 1.02

35.Assume the op-amps in given figure to be ideal. If the input signal vi is a sinusoid of 2V peak-to-peak and with zero DC component, the output signal vo is a (
a) sine wave

b) square wave

c) pulse train

d) triangular wave

36.In a common source amplifier, the mid-band voltage gain is 40 dB and the upper cutoff frequency is 150kHz. Assuming single pole approximation for the amplifier the unity gain frequency fT is
a) 6 MHz

b) 15 MHz

c) 150 MHz

d) 1.5 GHz

37.An op-amp is ideal except for finite gain and CMRR. Given the open loop differential gain Ad=2000, CMRR = 1000, the input to the noninverting terminal is 5.002 V and the input to the inverting terminal is 4.999 V, the output voltage of the op-amp is
a) 14 V

b) 24 V

c) -6 V

c) -8 V

38.The op-amp in the circuit in given figure has a non-zero DC offset. The steady state value of the output voltage Vo is
a) ?RC dvs(t)/ dt

b) ? (1/RC)|vs(t)dt

c) ?V

d) +V

39.For the circuit in given figure, if the value of the capacitor C is doubled, the duty-cycle of the output waveform Vo
a) increases by a factor of 2

b) increases by a factor of 1.44

c) remains constant

d) decreases by a factor of 1.44

40.Assume the op-amp in the given circuit to be ideal. The value of the output voltage Vo is
a) 3.2 Vi

b) 4 Vi

c) 9 Vi

d) 10 Vi (

41.The complement of the Boolean expression F = (X + Y¯ + Z)(X¯ + Z¯)(X + Y) is
a) XYZ+XZ¯+Y¯Z

b) X¯YZ¯+XZ+X¯Y¯

c) X¯YZ¯+XZ+YZ

d) XYZ+X¯Y¯

42.The Boolean function F(A,B,C,D) = ?(0,6,8,13,14) with don?t care conditions d(A,B,C,D) = ?(2,4,10) can be simplified to
a) F = B¯D¯+CD¯+ABC¯

b) F = B¯D¯+CD¯+ABC¯D

c) F = AB¯D¯+CD¯+ABC¯

d) F = B¯D¯+CD¯+ABCD

43.The Boolean function F = A¯D¯+B¯D can be realized by one of the following figures

44. For the multiplexer in given figure, the Boolean expression for the output Y is
a) A¯B¯+B¯C¯+AC

b) AB¯+B¯C¯+AC¯

c) AB¯+B¯C+AC

d) A¯B¯+B¯C+A¯C

45. Which one of the following is TRUE?
a) Both latch and flip-flop are edge triggered.
b) A latch is level triggered and a flip-flop is edge triggered.
c) A latch is edge triggered and a flip-flop is level triggered.
d) Both latch and flip-flop are level triggered.

46. In a schottky TTL gate, the Schottky diode
e) increases the propagation delay
f) increases the power consumption
g) prevents saturation of the output transistor
h) keeps the transistor in cutoff region

47. For which one of the following ultraviolet light is used to erase the stored contents



d) PLA

48. Which one of the following is NOT a synchronous counter
a) Johnson counter

b) Ring counter

c) Ripple counter

d) Up-down counter

49. In 8085 microprocessor, the accumulator is a
a) 4 bit register

b) 8 bit register

c) 16 bit register

d) 32 bit register

50. In the register indirect addressing mode of 8085 microprocessor, data is stored
a) at the address contained in the register pair
b) in the register pair
c) in the accumulator
d) in a fixed location of the memory


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