C.I.S Examination

C.I.S Exam

C.I.S Exam (LIFE & NON-LIFE) Insurance Salesmanship 

Insurance C.I.S Examination (Life and Non-Life) The Insurance Institute of India conducts a salesmanship examination for candidates interested in filling salesmanship positions. The examination covers the fundamentals of life insurance practice for various life insurance companies.

Requirements to take this Exam

Passing the 12th standard examination is the minimum qualification requirement for this C.I.S. Exam. Candidates who have passed the tenth grade in another state are also eligible to take this exam.

Scoring and negative markings: -Insurance Salesmanship Papers for the C.I.S Examination (LIFE & NON-LIFE) is a subjective paper worth 12 marks. Only the tenth question is worth sixteen points and is not required to be answered.

Mode of examination: The C.I.S Examination (LIFE & NON-LIFE) Insurance Salesmanship Papers is a pen/pencil-based examination, and all candidates are required to arrive 15 minutes prior to the examination.

Type of Examination: – C.I.S Examination (LIFE & NON-LIFE) Insurance Salesmanship Papers, like other insurance exams, includes subjective type questions such as short notes and small definition type questions.

Pattern Of Exam: – The paper pattern for the Insurance Salesmanship Papers includes a maximum of ten questions, with only eight of them being required to be attempted. Every question has a marking system on the right side.

Marking of Exam: – The Insurance Salesmanship Papers on the C.I.S Examination (LIFE & NON-LIFE) are worth 100 points.

Schedule: – Candidates are given three hours to complete the Insurance Salesmanship Papers.

Exam books that have been recommended: – From Grant W. Davis: An Introduction to Insurance Salesmanship!

C.I.S Exam
C.I.S Exam