Associateship Exam-Fire Insurance Claims

Associateship Exam

Associateship Exam

Associateship Examination

The Insurance Institute Of India, formerly known as the Federation of Insurance Institutes, administers examinations for its professional courses, one of which is Associateship. One of the essential scoring papers in the Associateship examination is the Fire Insurance Claims paper.

Eligibility For The Associateship Examination

Associateship exams have two types: life and Non-Life. It would be important here to mention that there are two types of associateship exams: Life and Non-Life. The first thing you need to do before you can take the Associateship exam is passed the Licentiate exam. If you pass the Licentiate exam in the non-life branch, you can’t take the Associateship exam in the life branch.

Exam Pattern Of The Associateship Examination

Paper on insurance claims for fires There are a total of ten questions on the paper, however, you only have to answer eight of them. However, each question is not worth the same amount of points; the first question is for 16 points, while the other questions are all worth 12 points.

If you don’t want to lose four points, you should definitely answer question number one. Furthermore, there are no multiple-choice questions on this paper. Furthermore, the question paper is available in two languages: English and Hindi, and you must select one at the time of application submission. Furthermore, you are not permitted to write half of your question paper in Hindi and the other half in English.

Total Marks and Time Duration: – Associateship fire insurance claims is a 100-mark test with a 3-hour time limit.