NISM Series V A Mutual Fund Distributors Paper 17

Q1.On liquidity parameters, which is most liquid?
 Equity Shares
 Bank Fixed Deposits
 Real Estate


Q 2.In which document is a commentary on the current state of the economy and markets is also generally provided?
 Statement of Additional Information (SAI)
 Key Information Memorandum (KIM)
 Fund Fact Sheet
 Scheme Information Document (SID)


Q3.“Please read the scheme-related documents carefully” – which documents does this line refer to?
 Scheme Information Document and Statement of Additional Information
 Statement of Additional Information and fund fact sheet
 Trust deed and Key Information Memorandum
 Scheme Information Document and audited balance sheet of the Asset Management Company


Q4.The Entry / Exit Loads and Taxes do not have an impact on the returns to the investors – True or False?


Q 5.Units of Close Ended Mutual Funds can be bought/sold on the Stock Exchange – True or False?


Q6.Which expenses can be charged by the AMC to a mutual fund scheme?
Expenses that are incurred to manage the fund
Expenses that are incurred to launch the fund
Expenses that are incurred by the AMC
Expenses that are incurred by the investors in buying the fund


Q 7. Long-term debt funds would be sensible in declining interest rate scenarios – True or False?


Q8.Relaxation in documentation requirements for micro-SIPs is not available for ____.
Non-Resident Indians
 Hindu Undivided Family
 All of the above


Q9.Management fees cannot be charged by liquid schemes on funds parked in short-term deposits of commercial banks – True or False?


Q10.If one wants to know the General Risk Factors, then which document should he read?
 Fund Fact Sheet
 Documents filed with SEBI
 Key information memorandum (KIM)
 Scheme Information Document (SID)

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