NISM Series V A Mutual Fund Distributors Paper 03

Q1.Who issues the ‘Certificate of Deposit’?
 Mutual Funds


Q 2.Which one is the Self Regulatory Organisation (SRO) for the mutual fund industry?
 None of the above


Q3.Which of these investors is allowed to do a nomination?
 Only SIP investors
 Only Equity Mutual Fund investors
 Only Institutional Investors
 Only Individual Investors


Q4.The expenses of ____ cannot be charged to a mutual fund scheme.
 custodian fees
 software development
 registrar services for transfer of units sold
 GST – Goods and Service tax


Q5.In what form do mutual fund distributors earn revenue?
 Investment advisory fee from mutual funds
The commission received from the Association of Mutual Funds in India
 Fees collected from the investors
Commission from mutual funds for the distribution of the schemes


Q6.At what price can investors buy or sell units of an open-ended fund after the New Fund Offer?
 The NAV of the mutual fund units
 The New Fund Offer (NFO) price
 The face value
 The monthly average price


Q 7.Banks and NBFC’s can lend money against __ of mutual fund units.
 All of the above


Q 8. Which type of transactions are allowed on a stock exchange platform for mutual fund trading? A – Redemptions B – Fresh subscription C – Additional purchases
 Only B
A, B, and C
 A and B
 B and C


Q9.A company wishes to invest in a specific scheme of a Mutual Fund. Which document authorizes it to do so?
 The Memorandum of Association
 The Articles of Association
Shareholders resolution
 Specific Board resolution


Q 10. Which of the below is /are FUNDAMENTAL ATTRIBUTES of a scheme?
 The type of scheme
 Investment objective(s) of the scheme
 Terms of the issue
 All of the above

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