NISM Series II B – Registrar and Transfer Agents (MF) Certification Paper11

Q1.Entry load ____ the price at which an investor buys units.
 Rs. 100
 Traded price


Q2.As minors are not authorized to conduct mutual fund transactions, they have to do it through their ____.
 legal representatives
 maximum two
 maximum three


Q3.All the constituents of a mutual fund like the Custodian, R&T Agent, Distributors, etc. have to ___.
 reputed companies or individuals
 associates of sponsors
 On the allotment date
 When AMC starts its activities


Q4.Entry load is a percentage of the ____.
 debtors of the company
 creditors of the company


Q 5.In an Open-Ended Fund, the investors can _____.
 invest only at NFO but redeem anytime
 invest at NFO and redeem on maturity
 Service Transaction Tax
 Sale Transaction Tax


Q6.What is the tax rate on short term capital gains on debt funds ?
 T+1, T+2
 T+1, T


Q 7. An investor receives Rs 1000 as a dividend. At what rate will it be taxed?
 Dividends are taxed at 10%
 Dividends are taxed at 12.5%
 Bank managers attestation
 Copy of account statement


Q 8.A person who has stayed in India for at least ___ days in a financial year is considered a Resident.


Q 9.Why do investors in convertible debentures accept a lower coupon rate?
 As there is very low credit risk
 As the interest rates can rise in the future
 Investors in the mutual fund


Q10.In a Systematic Transfer Plan, the funds are transferred from __.
 one mutual fund to another mutual fund
 one broker to another broker
 Company Secretary

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