NISM Series II B – Registrar and Transfer Agents (MF) Certification Paper10

Q1.Why do investors in convertible debentures usually accept lower coupon rates?
Due to the possibility of a higher coupon rate in future
Due to the possibility of capital appreciation on conversion
 Bonus shares


Q2.Can a minor execute a PoA?
 Mutual Fund products
 Mutual Fund schemes


Q3.The day of transaction matters because __ .
 the day has to be auspicious
 markets and mutual funds do not work every day
 It is as per banking rules
 It makes the debenture offer attractive to investors


Q4.In the case of open-ended mutual funds, the ongoing purchases and redemption are based on __.
 the face value
 the NAV
 Through custodians
 Through distributors


Q5.__ contribute the initial funds which are required to start and run a business.
 Domestic Financial Institutions
 Commerce Ministry
 Finance Ministry


Q6.Which type of funds invests in markets other than Indian financial markets?
 Balanced Funds
 Hybrid Funds
 PAN number
 KYC detail


Q7.__ is the identity of the investor in the records of the mutual fund.
 Folio number
 Registered address
 right to subscribe to the preference shares of a company
 right to subscribe to the equity shares of a company


Q8.When compared to lump-sum investments, the SIP investments are usually ___.
 Ministry of Corporate Affairs


Q9.Asset Management Company (AMC) is the ____ of the mutual fund.
 investment manager


Q10.Share splits are allowed only for __.
 Equity shares
 Preference shares
 A preference share does not have a fixed maturity
 A preference share enjoys preference

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