NISM Series II B – Registrar and Transfer Agents (MF) Certification Paper 18

Q1.Which NAV will be applicable for liquid funds if clear funds are available and the funds can be deployed the same day ?
 NAV of day T
 NAV of day T + 1
 NAV of day T – 1
 NAV of day T +3


Q2.Which of these facilities is NOT available to the Preference Shareholders?
 Participation in the management of the company
Preference in receiving dividends over equity shareholders
 Preference in repayment of capital
Fixed-rate of dividend as mentioned during the issue of these shares


Q 3. Who links the information given by the investor to the folio number?
 The AMC
 The Clearing Bank
 The Point of Collection center
 The R&T agents


Q4.___ impressions are made by the time-stamping machine on the transaction documents.


Q5.___ are equity funds that invest in all segments of the equity market.
 Large Cap Funds
 Sectoral Funds
 Diversified Funds
 Mid Cap Funds


Q6. A change in bank mandate application by a corporate investor has to be signed by ___.
 The Chairman
 The Managing Director or the Company Secretary
The authorized signatories
 The auditors


Q7. A mutual fund cannot have __ liabilities on its balance sheet.
 All of the above


Q 8. A mutual fund scheme may appoint one or more collecting bankers – State True or False?


Q 9. A timestamp is not fixed on ____.
 The control sheet of the distributor
The acknowledgment slip
 The transaction slip
The payment instrument like a cheque


Q10.An investor wishes to directly credit the mutual fund account for the purchase of units. What details should he know?
 The bank branch location
 The bank account number
 The MICR number
 The bank branch name

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