NISM Series II B – Registrar and Transfer Agents (MF) Certification Paper 15

Q1.An investor can directly operate their account even after granting a PoA – State True or False?


Q2.An investor can use only the pre-printed transaction slip that accompanies the account statement for valid transactions – State True or False?


Q3.Bond whose interest amount fluctuates in step with the market interest rates, or some other external measure is called as a ___.
 Convertible Debenture
 Floating Rate bond
 Benchmark bond
 reset bond


Q4.During the “No Transactions” period, a fund allows only redemptions but no fresh purchases – State True or False?


Q5.First, the mutual fund has to state its ____ which shows how the money will be invested.
 Fund vision
 Fund mission
 Investment objective
 Target returns


Q6.If the institutional investor is allowed to invest as per its charter then no further approvals are required – State True or False?


Q7.If there are material changes, than the Scheme Information Document (SID) has to revised accordingly every three months to show the changes – State True or False?


Q8.In India, who are the beneficiaries of a mutual fund?
 The trustees of the fund
 The sponsors of the fund
 The constituents who manage the fund
 The investors of the fund


Q9.In SIP investments, the investors confirm a periodic investment over a __.
 fluctuating period of time
the long period of time
a short period of time
 chosen period of time


Q10.SIPs can be made along with an NFO – State True or False?

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