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NISM is the authority set up by the Securities and exchange board of India(SEBI) to conduct the certification exams for the candidates who are seeking the profession of security market participants and intermediaries.

National Institute of securities market provides various certification programs under the head of SEBI as it is established by it only, the NISM certificates have become essential for the finance sector of our country.Currently, there are as many as 20 certification programs offered by the NISM, which has been prepared by NISM with a view of the Indian Finance market to check the candidates the skills and practical knowledge. These skills ensure the candidate’s caliber to deal with the dynamic nature of the finance market of India, which is most demanding in today’s time. helps the candidates to pass these exams by providing mock test papers and classes for the subjects related to the exam so that can pass this exam easily with flying colors.

There are various exams for the NISM, some are:

  1. Equity derivative exam
  2. Mutual fund distributors exam
  3. Currency Derivatives exam
  4. Securities operations and risk management
  5. Investment advisor(L1) Certification advisor
  6. Investment advisor(L2) certification examination
  7. Securities intermediaries’ compliance (non-fund) examination
  8. Depository operations certification
  9. Research analyst and certification
  10. Interest rate derivatives exam
  11. Common derivative certification
  12. Mutual fund foundation certification
  13. Mutual fund distributors (L2)
  14. Merchant banking certification
  15. Retirement advisor
  16. Registrars to an issue and share transfer agents (Corp)
  17. Registrar and transfer agents (MF) certification
  18. Securities market foundation
  19. Commodity derivatives certification
  20. Mutual fund exam in Hindi

These above-mentioned certification exams are offered by the NISM.


Anyone can give this exam there is no age restriction and anyone from any background can apply for these exams.

NISM exam fees vary from exam to exam, it is 1500 for various exams.

One can easily apply for the exam by going on the NISM website and fill the form in the prescribed manner.