NISM Merchant Banking Certification Exam



NISM Merchant Banking Certification Exam
In the NISM Series IX of NISM Certifications, the NISM Merchant Banking Certification Exam is the one that you have to take. March 21, 2013, was when the exam was first given out. It is important for people who work in Investment Banking or Merchant Banking to pass this exam. The exam is hard, and only about 60% of people who take it across the country pass it.
This exam is also sometimes called the Merchant Banking NISM exam or the NISM Series 9 exam, but that’s not the only name for it.

What does the NISM Merchant Banking Exam cover?
The exam is meant to help students better understand different regulations in the Merchant Banking field. The exam also tests your knowledge of how India’s financial system works and how important it is to know the rules and regulations that govern the Indian securities market.
After passing the exam, the candidate should:
* Make sure you know the basics of Merchant Banking in India.
* Understand how Merchant Bankers act in relation to the Issue Management Process, Substantial Acquisition of Equity Shares, Buyback of Equity Shares, and De-listing of Shares.
* Understand the Indian regulatory landscape in which merchant bankers operate.

Whom is the NISM Merchant Banking Certification Examination required for?
This certification must be passed by people who work for SEBI-registered merchant banks in India.
Those who work for Merchant Banking Firms that do things that are regulated by the SEBI must pass the NISM Series IX Merchant Banking Exam.
There are more than 150 cities in India where the Merchant Banking NISM exam is held by NISM. Thousands of people take this NISM Exam. Employees who work for SEBI-registered Merchant Bankers will have to pass the exam in order to meet a common standard of knowledge.
* SEBI-regulated activities include initial public offerings, follow-on public offerings, open offers, buy-backs, and delistings.
* deal with issuers in relation to the aforementioned actions;
* deal with middlemen involved in the aforementioned activities;
* act as the appointed Compliance Officer in charge of the activities listed in (a) above;
* provide SEBI with Due Diligence Certificates in conjunction with the above actions;
The NISM Merchant Banking exam will also try to make sure that people have a basic understanding of how the capital markets work, how registered Merchant Bankers do their jobs, and how the government regulates them.
Where can I get NISM‐Series‐IX  Study Material?
A soft copy of the NISM Series IX – Merchant Banking Study Material can be obtained from our website in the form of a free sample mock test or a premium paper.
If you would like to order a physical copy of the NISM Merchant Banking Book / Study Material, you can do so online and the book will be delivered to your address. Additionally, the books are accessible in major bookstores throughout India.
Where can I Search NISM Merchant Banking certification Mock Test?
Our site has a free sample of the mock test for the NISM Series IX Merchant Banking certification. The mock test is made up of 25 sample questions and can be accessed on our website by logging in. Premium mock tests for the NISM IX Merchant Banking Exam are also available for Rs. 299/-. There are 19 premium quality mock tests with 475 questions in total, and they are all worth it. Each NISM mock test has a validity of 60 days and can be taken as many times as you want during your subscription.
How can I register for the NISM Series IX Exam?
A person can Registration and Enrollment for any of the NISM certification exams through the NISM Certification Portal.
In order to register for the NISM Certification portal, you should have your credentials
* Permanent Account Number (PAN),
* Scanned copy of your PAN Card,
* Soft Copy of your photograph,
* a valid email address and
* your basic details such as your
* Name,
* Date of Birth,
* Educational Details,
* Employment Details, etc.
After completing the online NISM Registration form, you will receive an email with your NISM Registration Number and a link to activate your account. You’ll need to click the activation link after you’ve set up your NISM account. After you have activated your account, you can log in.
After entering your email and password, proceed as follows:
* Step 1: Exam Selection: Choose the NISM Series IX Merchant Banking Certification Exam.
* Step 2: Find a Seat: Select the Exam City, Test Center, and Date Range.
* Step 3: Select a Time Slot: for the exam, click on the button below. Choose one and click “Enroll for Exam”.
* Step 4: Make a payment: Please read and agree to the terms and conditions. You can pay with a credit card, debit card, or online banking.
It will be made after you pay. You should bring this admit card and your original ID to the exam center 30 minutes before the start time.
PAN Card, Driving license, Passport, and Aadhar Card are the only acceptable ID cards.

What is The NISM‐Series‐IX- Exam assessment structure?

What is The NISM‐Series‐IX – Exam syllabus?


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