Que. 1 : Q1) People concerned with providing the service tend to interpret a complaint as an accusation against themselves and therefore try to

   1.  a) explain away the failure

   2.  b) decry the customer’s demand as unreasonable

   3.  c) look for the person who could be faulted and punished

   4.  d) All of these

Que. 2 : Q2) Which of the following statements is true with regard to marketing?

   1.  a) It helps to choose the right journal to advertise in.

   2.  b) It makes sure that all the products are sold

   3.  c) It helps to make maximum profits

   4.  d) Marketing replaces the need for personal selling

Que. 3 : Q3) The __________ role has traditionally been one of integrating operations of the subordinates with top management policy. The focus therefore, had been to supervise activities of subordinates, control results, solve problems and so on.

   1.  a) customer

   2.  b) policyholder

   3.  c) agent

   4.  d) Middle manager

Que. 4 : Q4) The customer who has received his claim amount is called as

   1.  a) Policyholder

   2.  b) Customer

   3.  c) Claimants

   4.  d) Insurer

Que. 5 : Q5) Promotional communication in the rural areas is more complex than in the urban areas. Say whether True of False.

   1.  a) True

   2.  b) False