Q1.Under CPM policy if the insured has opted for floater cover then which loss under the same is not payable.

 a) Unforeseen damage


 b) Sudden physical loss


 c) Accident cover whilst transit from one location to another location


 d) Collision damage


Q2.Which of the following is not covered under Boiler and Pressure Plant policy?

 a) Damage to third party property


 b) Damage to surrounding property of insured


c) Damage to the boiler.


 d) Damage by fire


Q 3.In India, which of the following is not obligatory under an engineering insurance contract?

 a) Indemnification in case of accident or damage


 b) Inspection service


c) Assessment of risk from an underwriting perspective


 d) Recommendation of loss minimizing measures


Q4.In addition to EEI policy, if the same electronics equipment is covered under Fire Policy, the maximum discount allowed is:

 a) 7.5%


 b) 10%


 c) 5%


 d) 2.5%


Q5.In a Construction project, who is responsible to their respective contractor for the quality of materials only?

 a) Suppliers


 b) The Employer


 c) The Contractor


 d) Sub-Contractors


Q6.What can be issued only by an authorized representative of a company and operate only for a limited period pending replacement by a proper policy?

 a) Endorsements


 b) Cover notes


 c) Policy form


 d) Proposal form


Q7.The First Contractor’s All Risks policy is said to have been issued in _____ to cover the construction of Lambeth Bridge across river Thames in London.

 a) 1929


 b) 1939


 c) 1949


 d) 1959


Q8.Cover notes can be issued only by the authorized representative of the company. Say whether True or False.

 a) True


 b) False


Q9.Which of the following is true in respect of MLOP insurance:

 a) The concerned machinery must be covered under MBD policy or Boiler Explosion Policy.


 b) The concerned machinery must be critical to the business of the client.


 c) The claim under MLOP is admissible only if the same is admissible in MBD or Boiler Explosion Policy.


 d) All are true.


Q10.The purpose of which of the following is to cover the repairs or replacements of equipment which is defective or damaged?

 a) Preventive maintenance


 b) Corrective maintenance


 c) Predictive maintenance


 d) None of the above

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