Q1.In marine insurance, if either of the party does not follow utmost good faith

 a) the contract is void.


 b) The contract is valid


 c) The contract becomes voidable


 d) None of the above


Q2.In the case of liquid cargo, the term ullage refers to

 a) Quantity that cannot be discharged


b) Quantity that was destroyed


 c) Quantity that disappeared


d) Nonstandard packing


Q3.Which of the following extraneous risks can be added under ICC(B) clauses on payment of extra premium?

 a) Heating


 b) Sweating


 c) Breakage


 d) All the above


Q4.Sentimental damage is covered under.

 a) ICC (C)


 b) ICC (B)


 c) ICC (A)


 d) None of the above


Q5.Which of the following are relatively small flat-bottomed vessels, generally used in port waters to carry cargo and passengers?

 a) Dredgers


 b) Barges


 c) Lunches


 d) Boats


Q6.Which of the following is an agreed value policy

 a) Marine Cargo


 b) Increased value


 c) Freight insurance


 d) Custom duty


Q7.Notwithstanding ing anything to the contrary in the clauses attached, this insurance from the time the subject-matter insured is registered at the Post Office at the place named in the policy and until the expiry of _____ counting from the midnight of the day which the notice of the arrival of the subject-matter insured was given to the addressee by the Post Office at the destination, whichever shall first occur.

 a) 7 days


 b) 15 days


 c) 30 days


 d) 45 days


Q8.Cover note was issued by

 a) Insurer


 b) Authorised representative


 c) Either a or b


 d) None of the above


Q9.___ is the sum amount that will get deducted from the claim amount.

 a) Franchise


 b) Deductible


 c) Insurance cover


 d) None of these


Q10.Expand the term MARPOL.

 a) Marine Pollution


 b) Maritime policing


 c) Maritime piracy Organisation Limited


 d) Marine Production Organisation Limited

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