Q1.____ policy is available for both indemnity and benefit basis.

 Term insurance


 Daily hospital cash benefit


 Personal accident


 Critical illness


 Health insurance


Q2.Which of the following is a feature of a Non-Medical underwriting policy?

 Low premiums


 High premiums


 Processing is slow


 There is more waiting period


 There are more formalities


Q3.What is the reason behind asking many questions instead of a simple question about an individual’s health insurance? 1. to help the customer to think about various diseases so that he can provide the necessary information 2. to record the facts in detail which forms the basis of the contract 3. to arrange for further medical examination in all cases and making the customer ready for it

 Only 1 and 2 are correct


 Only 2 is correct


 Only 1 and 3 are correct


 Only 2 and 3 are correct


 Only 3 is correct


Q4.Approximately __ are the estimated fraudulent claims in the health insurance industry.

 0 to 5%


 10 to 15%


 15 to 20%


 20 to 25%


 More than 50%


Q5.What is the group called which is involves consumers, physicians, agents, providers, etc. in making a series of false claims?

 Speculators in insurance


 Fraud rings


 Collusion with TPA


 False claims


 Collusion with providers


Q6.Who studies the data and the pattern indicated to decide on the acceptance or denial of a risk?

 Marketing Department






 Finance Department




Q7.What does it refer to if after doing numerical ratings, the final rating comes out to be 120?

As the applicant is at risk of 120%, the policy thus will not be granted to him


As the applicant is at extra risk of 20%, the policy thus will be priced accordingly


 The applicant will have to pay 120% of the standard premium rate


As the applicant is at a risk of 20%, the policy thus will be priced accordingly


As the applicant is at a reduced risk of 20%, the policy thus will also be priced accordingly


Q8.Factors like age, sex and race are scored to determine the level of risk in which of these method(s)? 1. Numerical rating method 2. Medical underwriting 3. Non-medical underwriting

 Only 1


 Only 2


 Only 3


 Both 1 and 2


 Both 1 and 3


Q9.With respect to the ‘best practice survey on grievance redressal’ – which of the following option(s) is/are correct? 1. These best practices are circulated amongst the insurance companies for their reference and for a rating in terms of importance 2. Was undertaken by the CII Communication and awareness working group 3. This best practice questionnaire was sent to all the General Insurance and stand-alone Health insurance companies of which only 40% responded

 Only statement 1 is correct


 Only statement 2 is correct


 Only statement 3 is correct


 Both 1 and 2 are correct


All 1, 2, and 3 are correct


Q10.While taking a medical policy, Mr. Soham conceals a serious medical condition. If this condition was known to the insurers, they would have denied or excluded it from the scope of coverage. What fraud has Mr. Soham committed?

 Concealment fraud


 Claims fraud


 Staging claims fraud


 Application fraud


 Eligibility fraud

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