Q1.This Is Done In Cases, Where The Mortality Risk Is Of A Kind That May Reduce With The Passage Of Time.
 Take A Decision On The Risk
 Postpone The Risk
 Accept The Risk With Special Terms
 Decline The Risk
 all of the above


Q2.What can be the principal aim of the treatment of diabetes in an individual?
 Normalize blood sugar level.
 Treat comorbid cardiovascular risk.
 Reverse the diabetes symptoms.
 Both (a) & (b)
 Both (a) & (c)


Q3.Which part of the nervous system controls the voluntary actions of bones and joints?
 Somatic nervous system.
 Autonomic nervous system.
 Central nervous system.
 Complex nervous system.
 Peripheral nervous system.


Q4.Abnormal growth of the thyroid gland can be in the form of____. (i) Multiple swelling. (ii) Localized selling. (iii) Abnormal swelling. (iv) Isolated swelling.
 Only (ii)&(iii)
 Only (iii)&(iv)
 Only (i)&(ii)
 Only (i),(ii)&(iii)
 Only (ii),(iii)&(iv)


Q5.Hereditary genetic disorders in which blood doesn’t clot normally.


Q6.Non-medical / medical grids are generally a function of- (i) Age. (ii) Sum assured. (iii) Product. (iv) Income.
 Only (i)&(ii)
 Only (i)&(iv)
 Only (i),(ii)&(iii)
 Only (i),(ii)&(iv)
 All (i),(ii),(iii)&(iv)


Q7.How the insurance cover amount is calculated for the policies sourced through HUF?
The total income of HUF is considered.
 A multiple of 10 is applied to the income of HUF.
The total property and income of Karta are calculated.
Total income is multiplied by the family members of HUF.
 None of the above.


Q8.______Is The Reinsurance Co That Transfers The Risk To Another Reinsurer​_
 Retention Limit


Q9.Which is the spongy material in the center of the bone that produces about 95 percent of the body blood cells?
Bone marrow
 Lymph nodes.


Q10.Which of the following statement is not true regarding the medical-sum-at-risk in life insurance?
 MSAR does not include the amount of insurance with other insurance companies within the period of 24 months preceding.
 The medical test requirements for the prospect will be based on the medical-sum-at-risk that has been calculated.
MSAR covers the total sum assured existing and proposed with all the insurance companies and is not restricted only to the companies the client is applying for.
 Medical-sum-at-risk excludes the sum assured of ‘waiver of premium benefits rider’ and ‘accident benefit rider’.
 It should be noted that underwriting is also done during the revival of lapsed policies based on specific rules applicable at that point.

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