Que. 1 : Q1) Which of the following is not a challenge faced due to customised underwriting?

   1.  a) The containment of risks of early claims

   2.  b) Formulation of Underwriting guidelines

   3.  c) Enhancement of Non Medical limits sometimes leading to insuring bad lives at inadequate premium rates

   4.  d) Offering very high non medical limits putting severe constraints on the risk control mechanisms

Que. 2 : Q2) What is Leukemia?

   1.  a) An infection of the white blood cells

   2.  b) A cancer of the white blood cells

   3.  c) A cancer of the red blood cells

   4.  d) None of the above

Que. 3 : Q3) The symptoms of heart failure include __________.

   1.  a) fatigue

   2.  b) fluid accumulation

   3.  c) shortness of breath

   4.  d) All of the above are symptoms of heart failure.

Que. 4 : Q4) Hypertension is called silent killer because

   1.  a) It comes without obvious symptoms

   2.  b) It is the Greek word for silent killer

   3.  c) People with hypertension are homicidal

   4.  d) None

Que. 5 : Q5) What organ in the ear first responds to vibrations in the air?

   1.  a) semicircular canals

   2.  b) eardrum

   3.  c) cochlea

   4.  d) middle ear bones