Q 1.Which among the following looks at all the risk involved, right from the point of sale till the policy-issuance and beyond as each of these has an impact on the risk assessment process?
 Insurance agent.
 Medical team.
 Underwriting philosophy.
 Insurance company.
 Senior management.


Q2.Common Causes Of Microcytic Anaemia
Chronic Blood Loss, Iron Deficiency & Thalassaemia
Vitamin B12,Folic Acid Deficiency
 Chronic Disease Bone Marrow Disorders
 Renal Failure


Q3.Nisha is trying to get pregnant but she was diagnosed with hypothyroidism by her doctor. In what way this is going to affect her?
 Increase her chance of getting pregnant.
 She will face more miscarriages.
 Reduce her chance of getting pregnant.
 She will deliver early.
 She will never get pregnant.


Q4. It arises when the probability of an individual likely to become ill or contracting an adverse medical condition is high.
 Morbidity risk.
 Sub-standard risk.
 Mortality risk.
 Occupational risk.
 Morality risk.


Q5.____Is Necessitated, As No Amount Of Extra Premium Would Be Sufficient To Take Care Of The Very High Mortality.
 Rating The Risk
 Classification Of Risk
 Accept The Risk
 Decline The Risk
 all of the above


Q6.What is the factor that is not taken into consideration for life insurance of women with no income?
 Physical disability.
 Marital status.
 Educational background.
 Insurance on other family members.
Nature of the Insurance plan requested.


Q7.Kidneys Produce___, A Hormone Important In Regulating Blood Pressure
 Tri Iodothyronine
 both a & c


Q8.Which is the standard document that is not required for the partnership insurance cover?
 Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association of the company.
 Copy of partnership deed duly signed by the partners.
 Profit and loss account and the balance sheet of the firm.
 Copy of the income tax returns of the firm.
 Partnership questionnaire duly signed and stamped by the authorized signatory.


Q9.An individual working in the mining industry can be exposed to fatal accidents underground, which of the following is not one of them?
 Water entering the mines during monsoon.
 Explosion/ fires.
 Breakdown in transmission.
 Ground fall.


Q10.Applicants with moderately raised blood pressure are classified under which type of risk for insurance underwriting?
 Substandard risk.
 Preferred risk.
 Uninsurable risk.
 Standard risk.
 Complicated risk.

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