Q1.The Policyholder is also known as the __.


Q2.Who aids, assists, and advises the life insurers in general functioning matters?
An advisory committee of IRDAI
 Life insurance committee of IRDAI
 Chairman of Life insurance council

Exec Committee of Life Insurance Council


Q3.An appeal before the National Commission can be made subject to a deposit of ___ the amount awarded or ____ whichever is less.
 50%, Rs 25000
 50%, Rs 35000
 50%, Rs 50000
 50%, Rs 75000
 50%, Rs 100000


Q4.Any person who buys goods for consideration or avails any services for consideration is defined as a __.


Q5.According to the Consumer Protection (Amendment) Act, Service includes:
 Banking and Insurance
 Thoughts and ideas
 Services rendered free of cost
 All of the above
 None of the above


Q6.Which is the main reason why nominations are created?
 Damage caution
To secure an immediate payment of the policy SA by the insurer
 Risk avoidance
Protection of interest of policyholders
 All of the above


Q7.When is the Statement of Downgraded Investments submitted?
within 5 days, after the end of each quarter
within 7 days, after the end of each quarter
within 10 days, after the end of each quarter
within15 days, after the end of each quarter
within 30 days, after the end of each quarter


Q8.With respect to minimum mortality cover calculations, PT means __.
 Payment Tenure
 Policy Term
 Policy terminology
 Policy termination
 Profit terminology


Q9.A person can deal with the policy in whatever way he may desire during his lifetime and the consent of the __ is not required.


Q10.The existing system of the Ombudsman under the Redressal of Public Grievances Rules 1998, was perceived by –
 Insurance Ombudsman
 Insured person

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