Fellowship Examination -Mathematical Basis of Life Insurance  Papers

Fellowship Exam

Fellowship Exam
Fellowship Exam


Mathematical Basis of Life Insurance Papers

The Fellowship is the highest level of recognition given by the Insurance Institute of India. It is also critical for the advancement of an insurance professional’s career. General insurance is a difficult topic to grasp.

Paper format: – There are a total of eight questions on the paper. Candidates must respond to five of them. Each question has one or more sub-questions. There are no compulsory questions on the question paper, although the candidate must answer 5 of the 8 questions.

Timing and maximum marks: – The time for this exam is 3 hours, which should be used to answer all the questions correctly. It helps students learn about the question paper better when they have extra time to read it. This time should be used wisely to get the most out of it.

The question paper is worth a maximum of 100 points.

The questions are graded differently.

Marks Required: –The paper contains eight broad questions.

Candidates are needed to respond to 5 of the 8 questions.

Each question is worth 20 points. These questions are broken into sub-questions. The marks allotted for each question are listed on the right side of the question paper, next to the question.

The questions must be answered in accordance with the marks allotted.

Keep in mind the following: – The question paper is based on numbers, just like the subject matter does. Besides that, the questions are also based on how they came up with them. The students need to keep the formulas and derivations in mind because it will help them score better on the tests. If you want to get a good grade, you have to think outside the box. For better answers, you need to know a lot about what you’re talking about. It should be based on what the question asks.