C.I.S Examination (LIFE & NON-LIFE) Practice of Life Assurance Exams 

C.I.S Examination (LIFE & NON-LIFE) 

C.I.S Examination (LIFE & NON-LIFE) 

The CIS examination paper is made up of questions about the practice of life insurance. The paper is for the job in the Insurance Companies sector, which is held to perform a healthy examination for each insurance firm.


Paper is very significant since the study is based on the content of the examination paper, and it will help candidates improve their skills. The paper is also useful in that it promotes candidates who perform well in the final results.

The pattern of C.I.S Examination (LIFE & NON-LIFE)

The CIS examination paper (LIFE & NON-LIFE) has ten questions, all of which are subjective in nature, and only eight of these ten questions must be attempted. The questions are broken into sub-questions, each with an equal number of marks. Except for question number one, which is of short notes, the paper contains questions of equal marks. Because there is no negative marking, students are encouraged to attempt all the questions.

Marks and Durations  – The total number of marks available in the paper is 100, and the time allotted to complete the paper is three hours.

Recommended Books 

* Insurance Salesmanship by Insurance Institute of India

* Asset Management by Insurance Institute of India



C.I.S Examination (LIFE & NON-LIFE)