ASSOCIATE IC 26 – Life Insurance Finance

ASSOCIATE IC 26 – Life Insurance-Finance

This subject Contains account related aspect of the Insurance industry from elementary principles of accounts to comply with IFRS. In IC26 subject we will go through final accounts, revenue account, and balance sheet too. Financial analysis is also a very important chapter in this subject.  This subject is totally compiled for Ithe Indian insurance industry basically. All financial reporting is very important for the insurance industry to determine the risk in the financial system of Insurance Company.

Associate IC26 is basically covers below 16 points.

1  Elementary Principles of Accounts

2  Life insurance business: Important types of insurance

3  Accounting Procedures – Premium Accounting

4  Accounting Procedures–Disbursements

5  Accounting Procedure: Expenses of Management

6  Investments

7  Final Accounts, Revenue Account and Balance Sheet

8  Budget and Budgetary Control

9  Innovative Concepts in Financial Reporting

10  Accounting Standard Applicable to Life Insurance Com

11  Financial Analysis

12  Management Environment in India

13  Application of Financial Management Concepts in Insu

14  Taxation (Current Scenario)

15  Anti-Money Laundering Guidelines and PML Act.

16  Compliance with IFRS (Involving Broader Concepts)

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